After civil servants’ salaries are cut, the Internet says that teachers will also take a collective pay cut.Official response

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The guide language teaching profession has always attracted the attention of netizens. As a guide for students, it bears the responsibility of “teaching and educating people”. However, there are always controversies about the position of teachers.For newly graduated college students, teachers and civil servants are relatively stable jobs. If they enter these two jobs, they do not need to worry about the risk of unemployment. However, it seems that these two industries are undergoing great changes now.After civil servants’ salaries are cut, the Internet says that teachers will also take a collective pay cut.It has long been rumored that some positions in the civil service will be changed to “appointment system”, meaning that the “iron rice bowl” of civil servants will be removed and some positions will be filled by “contract workers”.Civil servants’ salaries will also be adjusted, and year-end bonuses and subsidies will be reduced, which in many places is already happening.In Jiangsu province, the welfare of civil servants has begun to be lowered, and the basic salary and performance have been strictly controlled, in order to prevent employees from starting to “slow down” after getting the staffing.When civil servants’ salaries were cut, many people began to predict that teachers’ salaries in Jiangsu province would also be cut. The Internet spread that “some teachers in Suzhou have voluntarily signed a salary cut letter”, which made teachers panic.After all, this is related to the salary of the whole group of teachers. If teachers in Jiangsu province start to implement the policy of salary reduction, then other regions will certainly follow the policy.About “teachers’ collective wage cuts” intensified on the net, the official also see this message, and in response, authorities said net teacher pay cut view without any basis, belong to the speculation, teacher’s monthly salary in the normal distribution, hearing the news, the teachers put the heart to the belly.Teachers’ pay is controversial. Are they well paid?In fact, many people are supportive of the news, because they think teachers’ salaries in some first-tier cities are very good, and their welfare benefits are good, plus two paid summer and winter vacations, which makes teachers’ salaries too high.Teachers have traditionally been on the high end of the social ladder, using their status to make “grey income” that can cover their salary for several months, thus supporting the case for lower pay.But that’s not the case. Even if teachers in big cities earn more than 10,000 yuan, their salaries are still low compared with those in other fields in the same area.If they are teachers from other places, they do not have a house, and the monthly rent will cause great pressure to them. Therefore, most of them will choose to go back to their hometown to be a teacher. Although the money is not much, at least it is safe.There are also rural teachers, their salary is not very high, because the city is relatively remote, educational resources are less, the country does not pay much attention to, so the salary and welfare treatment is not very good, the gap between urban and rural education will become bigger and bigger.03 teachers work is not easy, parents need to respect teachers for teachers there are still a lot of misunderstanding, especially parents, they think that the world of teachers are the same, only recognize money not recognize people, although some teachers are indeed so, but there are good teachers.Some teachers are plain and unpretentious all their lives. They cultivate students carefully and make great contributions to the country. They have a high prestige in the education industry, which is why the teacher industry has been respected.We cannot undermine the entire education industry with a small stain. Teachers in many regions are paid only 3,000 yuan a month, which is different from the salaries of local civil servants.But the state has decided to develop the education sector, so the salaries of teachers will be raised to the same level as those of local civil servants, so that teachers’ salaries will not be so low.Teachers are under great pressure. Not only do they need to prepare lessons every day, they are busy with their students and life during the day, but they also need to communicate with their parents frequently. They often go to sleep at eleven or twelve o ‘clock at night.The last thing I want to say is: in this incident, we can see teachers’ panic. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. After all, this is related to teachers’ salary, which is naturally very important to them.However, we can also know that the state will not lower the salary of teachers, but only improve their welfare benefits. After all, education is the foundation of a country. If the education cause is not well developed, the development of the whole country will be affected.Therefore, teachers do not panic, as the guide of students, only need to teach, cultivate more talents for the motherland, this is what teachers need to do.Today’s topic: How do you view the collective reduction of online teachers’ salaries?