The doctor advises: after checking out nodule, no matter grow in which place, need to avoid 4 kinds of food

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Nodules, this word must not be unfamiliar to everyone now, because it is often seen in physical examination, such as thyroid nodules, breast nodules, lung nodules, etc., most of the nodules are caused by bad daily eating habits and living habits.In general, nodules are mostly benign, and only a few are at risk of becoming malignant. However, it is not necessary to completely relax your guard. Daily care is still important to prevent nodules from becoming malignant.Doctor advice: after checking out nodules, no matter where the growth is, you need to avoid 4 kinds of food spicy food is now a lot of recognition is no spicy not happy, especially zha winter many people like to eat some spicy food, think it can make the body quickly warm up, play the role of cold.But once you have nodules, give up the hobby.This is because spicy food contains allicin, capsaicin and other highly stimulating substances, after eating the body will secrete a large number of adenoids, affecting hormone levels, endocrine disorders, so as to stimulate the growth of nodules, not conducive to the control of disease.High iodine food in the past, the country required us to eat more iodized salt, because the survey showed that China’s national iodine is seriously deficient, if the lack of iodine is easy to induce thyroid problems, but if the intake of too much iodine will also aggravate the disease, is not conducive to health.In addition, in addition to the intake of iodized salt, there are many food materials containing iodine is also very rich in peacetime, such as kelp laver and other seafood, so we must strictly control the intake of iodine in peacetime, especially those who detect nodules should pay attention to.Fried food, such as fried chicken and French fries, belong to fried food, although delicious, but for people with nodules in the body is not recommended to eat often.The reason is that food is too greasy, which will increase the metabolic burden of the body and affect the endocrine of the human body. It is very unfavorable for the control of nodular disease, which may cause the slowdown of human metabolism, slowly aggravate the condition and lead to the enlargement of nodules.Pickled foods Once a person has thyroid nodules, the diet should be actively adjusted, some pickled foods are not recommended.Because food after long-term pickling, it is easy to produce a carcinogen nitrite, harmful to human health, but also bad for lung health.
However, if you want to dissipate nodules as soon as possible, in addition to diet, what should you pay attention to?1. Self-regulation mood if the body suffers from nodules at ordinary times, then we must pay attention to learn to regulate their emotions at ordinary times, especially some anxious, angry, depressed and other bad emotions.Timely discharge, can avoid the blockage of blood and gas, and maintain a good mood, which is more conducive to detumescence.2. Regular sleep friends with nodules, in peacetime but also develop good habits of work and rest, so as to be conducive to the recovery of the patient’s body.Because regular work and rest can balance the endocrine of patients, and can effectively control sarcoidosis, patients must take it as a reference in daily life.Conclusion: If you found this article helpful, give it a thumbs up and leave your comments in the comments section below.Can also forward it out, so that more people benefit, pay attention to the xiaobian account, regularly update the relevant health knowledge every day.