Original god new story immature sister let sister worry about one hundred god son to reproduce the ghosts of the night

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Hello, welcome back to the original god world of Holdon2099.Version 2.5 improves the story of Shogun raiden and Yaejo, making amends for their regrets and strengthening their larger vision.Five hundred years ago, ray film just succeeded general Thunder, because of the grief of losing his sister and immature heart, he closed himself up, daydreaming about the meaning of “eternity”.At the same time like a technical house in general, through sophisticated technology, made a doll, for her to deal with all problems, and doll set a strict code of conduct:The eternal law, and the puppet General Thunder has firmly become the guardian of the “eternal”, always in accordance with the will set by the original Thunder film, but also always on guard against the possible “wear” and shaking of thunder film.But now, thanks to the efforts of the travelers, Yaejo kamiko and all the people of Inaga, Ray film has broken out of the loop of closed thinking and has a new perspective on “eternity”.But that’s out of bounds for the avatar, because she’s an avatar, and she’s going to do exactly what she’s supposed to do, and even if you’re the creator, you can’t change that.And in this hundred years, the puppet general thunder will also be constantly tempered.So now, rice wife in front of the future is not the enemy, but adhere to the “eternal” will of the doll, is the past thunder movie himself.Since Ray no longer has a body, she is able to walk on the land of Tiwat through the body of a doll.Now, the difference between the dummy and his own mind sets in motion a self-protective process that keeps Thunder from moving.In order to change the situation, Ray decided to go to the place where he stored the consciousness of Raiden general, because the consciousness of Raiden general has always been guarded there, because raiden thought was once considered the greatest danger to “eternity”.In order to convince her, Thunder film has to fight a duel with Thunder General who has been incarnated as the destiny of the god Misuzu Kenei.However, no matter how many times the shadow defeated Thunder, the dummy did not fall.The shadow knows very well why this is so. Her past self firmly believed in her “eternity” and would only kill those who wanted to change the “eternity”, just like the dolls of today.In the battle of the thunder film gradually understand the importance of the people to her, the hands of the dream heart also gained new strength, finally in the traveler witnessed the final victory over general Thunder.The defeated Raiko accepts the change in Shadow’s mind and promises to allow Shadow to use her body in the future as well, and to help Shadow govern The rice wife in the same way that Shadow used to help Zhen.Finally, Lei’s movie truly changes her paranoid mind, and at this time, Thunder’s true consciousness also emerges in the space, leaving her last gift to her sister:Ray YingShu seeds, and sent to the shadow, shadow planted the seeds inside the space, because the space is stuck in the consciousness of 500 years ago, so ray YingShu rice wife grew up in the past, that is what we see now god YingShu, it has been absorbing all kinds of filth, protected rice wife, mature for ray film for the precious time.It was also the last gift the elder sister prepared for her immature sister.Back in the real world, the shadow tells Traveler, Piper, and the Son that he will lift the lockdown.Players will also find that thunderstorms set by General Thunder on the Sea of Inaba will now disappear (the lockout is lifted) and players will be able to use wave boats to travel from Inaba to tiwat.If you know the past of Yaejo, you will understand her feelings when she first saw the “Ghosts walking at night” as a child, as well as the loss and sorrow after her disappearance.This time, through a ghost author’s light novel “Notes of A True Detective,” travelers learn a lot about the cherry tree after the attack, it is after the attack, the cherry tree released a large number of ghost memories and spirits.Yaejo, of course, knew that in order to appease the ghosts of his dead kindred, he tricked the travelers into adapting their experiences of traveling in The Three Kingdoms into light novels, and by the way, inserted the spells of pacifying the earth into the contents of the novels.The novel was also called “The Wonderful Adventures of the Traveller”, and word of the new novel spread around The Rice Wife.This kills two birds with one stone, putting the travelers to work and suppressing True Detective Notes, a novel not published by Yaejodo.Later, Yaejoko finds the big demon fox of the past: Yarikusai’s spirit-lowering chamber, and asks the traveler to provide a body to talk with Yarikusai for a long time, saying that she has prepared a ritual to appease everyone.In the ceremony, god son reappears in rice wife workshop popular scene, let you ghosts in the air, help former friends to reproduce the “ghosts at night”.But the traveler observed the lonely look of god son, and felt sorry for the traveler and Pai Meng, in order to comfort god son, decided to invite god son to dinner, the result was killed a knife, the manuscript was eaten up.Finally, with a smirk, he said, “The deadline is coming up. Please.”It really is a duckling fox.This is the main plot of version 2.5, and it should be said that it has designed a perfect node for the plot of both of them, and both of them have an explanation for the past.It feels like version 2.6 will be biased towards the inaba political situation, maybe General Raiko will issue a new policy or something, and Ayanami Will come out from behind the scenes to reveal more about Inaba, which should change the inaba situation completely.Do you like the enchanting fox fairy?Do you know their story?Did you enjoy version 2.5?Welcome to share with us.For more content, check out Holdon2099