Improving the Business Environment strengthening supervision and inspection to strengthen the defense against terrorism

2022-06-17 0 By

To further optimize the business environment, neixiang county public security bureau on terror group according to the “safe guard” special operation deployment requirements, combined with is to carry out the concept of “ability style construction year” activities, in order to “enterprises and beneficial life” as the guidance, in-depth 岞 Qu, peach creek, duty, such as bridge, tile pavilion township, bullying prevention measures to carry out the situation of each station terror to carry out special supervision inspection.Through in-depth 18 police station one by one check, found that all the gas stations to counter-terrorism counterterrorism prevention in key work schedule included in the unit, strictly implement the prevention and control measures against terrorism, and under the guidance of territorial police station on a regular basis to carry out the counterterrorism training, simulation exercises, to further study on terror the use of the equipment.However, some gas stations also have anti-terrorism equipment need to be updated and the files are not perfect. The police pointed out the existing problems on the spot and issued the Notice of Rectification within a specified period and the Decision of Punishment on the spot, requiring the gas stations to rectify as soon as possible.In check, deep communion communication with police station owners, requiring the manager further enhance the awareness of security against the importance and necessity, fully understand the dangers of binge could risk, to improve the safety awareness of workers and defense self-help capability, in the process of selling bulk oil strictly implement the real-name registration management regulation, resolutely put an end to safety accidents.Through this inspection, not only shorten the distance between the police and the enterprise, the harmonious relationship between the police and the people, further enhance the anti-terrorism security awareness of the person in charge and the staff of the gas station, build a solid line of defense for the safety of the gas station, but also ensure the sustainable stability of the area of social security.