Tianjin No. 1 Middle School Party Group theory learning Center group in-depth to firmly defend the “two establishment” firmly achieve the “two maintenance” seminar

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Recently, tianjin No. 1 Middle School Party group theoretical learning center group to carry out collective learning, focusing on firmly defending the “two establishment”, firmly achieve the “two maintenance” topic to organize discussion and exchange.One party secretary, president Zhang Yong presided over.At the meeting, all members talked about thoughts, understanding and experience around the topic and closely combined with individual self-study, collective learning and work practice.Through discussions and exchanges, we further deepened our understanding of the decisive significance of the “two establishment”, and deeply realized that the “two Establishment” is the common choice, solemn choice and inevitable choice of history and the people.The meeting stressed that historical initiatives should be strengthened and the “two anchors” should be fully understood in the course of the century. Only by establishing, supporting and defending the core can we make a fist, plan the overall situation, concentrate our strength and forge ahead with one heart and one mind.We should strengthen our political consciousness, firmly defend the “two establishment” in building loyalty, always give priority to political construction, and implement and safeguard the Party’s leadership with solid judicial practice.We will always give high priority to political security and constantly improve our ability to safeguard national political security and overall social stability.We have always given top priority to political discipline, and demonstrated loyalty with strict and impartial judicial accountability and solid work results.We must strengthen our sense of responsibility, practice the “two establishment” in judicial practice, always put the people in the highest place in our hearts, protect people’s rights and interests with all our hearts, and strive to improve the people’s sense of judicial gain.Actively serve high-quality social development, adhere to the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept in judicial trials;We will strive to improve the quality and efficiency of trials, deepen reform of the judicial accountability system, and continue to strengthen the construction of the “one-stop” system, so as to promote the simultaneous improvement of the quality of trials and the efficiency of handling cases.For further development “towards event, loyalty, strong bear, a performance” theme study, publicity and education practice mobile service party around four topics, innovation explore “team member of the theoretical study group in the school theory, deep discussion, conducted in the branch through ‘double’ life looking for gap, measures” mode of “1 + 1” study group, to strengthen learning,We will guide all police officers through action education to strengthen their political loyalty, enhance their sense of responsibility, improve their judicial style, and practice, demonstrate, and lead absolute loyalty to the Party.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn