The only men who walked the court were eunuchs?It was the Ming and Qing dynasties, and there were many normal men in ancient times

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In the ancient palace, in addition to the supremacy of the emperor, as the Lord of the sixth queen, bright palace imperial concubine, anonymity, the activity with a strange person – they face smooth bright and clean, the skin white tender, crisp sound, there is no root beard and mouth behave exactly like a woman, as a matter of fact, they are not really a woman,They were eunuchs.Huan, temple people, spiritballs, electors, castrballs, spiritballs, zhengnei, spiritballs, castrballs, zhongguan, Diao guan, inner guan, jingshen, spiritballs and spiritballs are all their names.Those who do not enter the palace are also called selfless whites.Eunuchs and the emperor, empress, concubines, and maidens together form the members of the emperor’s court.Generally speaking, the number of palace ladies is the largest, followed by eunuchs, but in some individual dynasties, the number of eunuchs is more than the number of palace ladies.Since the eunuch and the feudal monarchy phase, so he in the history of China with the monarchy is also very long.A piece of oracle-bone dated 1300 BC, from the time of King Wuding of the Shang Dynasty, contains a record of castrating qiang people.The Shang rulers of that time castrated captured qiang people and sacrificed them to the gods.Thus it can be said that the official came into being at the latest in the wudingwang era.In fact, it will be sooner than that.In ancient China, there was a saying of five punishments, the five punishments of Shun, the five punishments of Yu and the five punishments of Xia Guan.The five punishments are tattooing, nose cutting, foot cutting, castration and death penalty.Castration is also a very famous penalty – palace punishment.It was second only to capital punishment, capital punishment for so-called crimes, and a little better than beheading.In ancient Chinese history books, there are often records of male circumcision and female claustrophobia.This is used to punish those who do not behave in the relationship between men and women.What does potential mean?It’s a man’s treasure.Cutting away the spiritballs of a man is like removing the shade of the balls. Therefore, spiritually emasculated and emasculated men are also called spiritballs.Sima Qian, who played with Lao Huang’s mother, called him dayin man.Although the eunuch and the feudal monarchy phase always, but strictly speaking, from the three dynasties to the Western Han Dynasty, the palace service personnel are not completely eunuch.During the reign of empress Lu of the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Qing was the grand Gurye in charge of the palace.During the reign of Emperor Cheng of Han dynasty, Chun Yuchang successively served as Huang Men Lang and Shi Zhong.Zhang Qing and Chun Yu Chang were scholars, not officials.There were already three generations of institutions to manage the court.In the Western Zhou Dynasty, officials were appointed to take charge of official affairs.The palace clerk was in charge of the affairs of the palace;Internal jai administration of palace decrees;The doorman is responsible for guarding the palace door;The temple people manage the women in the harem.Official orders were established in the Warring States Period.Miao Xian, a high-ranking official of the State of Zhao, was in a position of high rank and wealth. Lin Xiangru was at first his successor and later appointed as the prime minister for the king of Zhao.In the Qin dynasty, there were zhongshu ye zhe ling and Ye Ye Cheng, who were responsible for etiquette, official document transmission and the storage of the gongzu.Zhong Chang is an official and scholar to serve in the temple.Zhao Gao, a famous eunuch, was promoted to the rank of Lang Zhong Ling, and finally, above the prime minister, abolished the emperor and made Ziying king of Qin. This was no longer an official position.The Qin Dynasty also had the yongxiang order, which was held by eunuchs who were responsible for official and female accounts and female workers affairs.The empress of the Western Han Dynasty had two attendants, one each serving the emperor.The Yuan Emperor of the Han Dynasty set up the Imperial Script, responsible for the rescript.Another yellow door waiter one person, the post in the transfer of chapter shuo.Yellow door is actually ye court small door, yellow door servant lang under the yellow door, small yellow door.The empress dowager of the Western Han dynasty lived in changqiu Palace, and dachangqiu managed all matters in the palace. Generally, eunuchs served as eunuchs, and scholars were also used. Eunuchs among officials were led by Dachangqiu.The Qin Dynasty yongxiang order in the Western Han Dynasty was renamed yeting order, the function is the same.In the Western Han Dynasty, there were neiren, who were in charge of the cashiers of the neiku and so on.Eastern Han dynasty in the imperial court, in order to the highest position, to the emperor’s front adviser to deal with, lying in and out of the palace eunuch, praise guide the imperial court.There were usually four imperial officers, later increased to ten, and they were appointed by eunuchs.During the reign of Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty, twelve eunuchs such as Zhang Rang, Zhao Zhong, Guo Sheng, Xia Yun, Sun Zhang, Bi LAN and Li Song were appointed as zhongchang Shi and appointed as vassals. The children of their fathers and brothers were appointed as officials in the outside world, with the tendency of ruling and opposition parties and rampant corruption. It was the famous Ten Changshi Group (actually the Twelve group) in the history of the Eastern Han Dynasty.The Eastern Han dynasty since The empress Dowager Deng dynasty began, out of the need and convenience of the use of eunuchs all must be eunuchs, that is, huan can serve as eunuchs.In addition to zhongchang, there are other eunuchs – Tai Chang Qiu manages the affairs of the empress’s palace, and the subordinate officials are composed of three people who are responsible for delivering the official notes.Huangmen servant or upload, communication inside and outside information.Small yellow door in the queen mother side service, collation documents, convey the will, in the queen mother and the emperor between the transmission of information, accept temporary tasks, such as the princess, concubine disease, ordered to inquire by the disease.In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the servants of the Palace were responsible for the management of chariots and horses.Ye Court order is in charge of the court nobles, all things.Under the “yeting” order, there was the “yeting” order, the “punishment chamber”, which supervised the women who worked in the yeting chamber, including the sick maidens and the rejected concubines.The servant girl in the palace who served in the eternal lane.The imperial household is responsible for directing the maidservants to make and wash clothes in the palace.The weaving office was administered by eunuchs.Hook shield to manage the royal garden garden.Zheng Zhong, the first eunuch in the Eastern Han Dynasty, served as hook dun.Emperors, concubines and beauties are inseparable from eunuchs.The palace palace mansions, pavilions, gardens and gardens are also inseparable from eunuchs.Eunuchs were an indispensable part of the ancient court life.