Should pay treasure draw cash to bank card poundage?Need cent situation understanding!

2022-06-16 0 By

Alipay withdrawals to bank cards need poundage, but Alipay has a basic free amount of 20,000 yuan (total amount), withdrawals in this amount do not need poundage, once more than this amount will begin to need to collect poundage.You can check alipay’s withdrawal charge rules on the customer service page.Free poundage limit: the rule can see very clearly that the limit of free poundage of withdrawal of alipay is 20 thousand yuan.The 20,000 yuan is the cumulative amount of the same identity user.That is to say, if you have multiple Alipay accounts, that is, these accounts share the 20,000 amount.At the same time, the amount of withdrawal is also accumulated, no matter it is one or multiple accumulative withdrawal of 20,000 will start to charge fees.Charge rule: Alipay will charge a handling fee of 0.1% when the total withdrawal exceeds 20,000 yuan.The minimum is 0.1 yuan per batch.So withdraw less than 100 will directly charge 0.1 yuan handling fee.Get free quota: After using up the accumulated quota, real-name users can use Alipay membership points to redeem the free quota.Note: This article aims to discuss issues related to alipay withdrawal commission. Although Alipay is mentioned, the hardware model, software version and APP version of the specific operation are not involved.