More than 15 million people are under scrutiny!All property all inventory, even the family also “cannot hide”

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2022 Spring Festival is coming, this paragraph of time is also best for creditors dun, other time you can’t do things, started year may be more easily, because at ordinary times you dun, these people who owe money will always be thinking about all sorts of reason to hide you, elaborate you, deceive you, even sometimes don’t even pick up your phone, and New Year’s day was the day of family,Even those who hide from debts all year round will choose this time to return home for the Spring Festival, so that you can get more money.For those who owe money and do not return it on time, if they want to have a quiet New Year, they may choose to return the money under the pressure of helplessness. But for those who are cheeky and broken, they may not be able to return their debts even if they are on New Year’s Eve.For example, one of my friends asked me to lend him some money because he had something urgent to do. He said he would pay it back in three months, but he refused to pay it back for five years, saying he had no money.But from time to time, he posted videos of his wife and son traveling and eating big meals in hotels on wechat moments.Want him to return, he disregard schoolmate’s kindness a bit, say want money to do not have, want to die for one, a pair of dead pig is not afraid of boiling water hot shrieker kind, such person relies on lie in a muddle to abduct to live namely, return your money impossibly.How many people in this country owe money and don’t pay it back?According to the data, the number of trust-breaking people in China was only 87,000 in 2013, but it rose to 15.9 million in 2019. Although there has been a decrease in the past two years, there are still about 7.15 million, which is only part of it, because there are still many private lenders who do not Sue in real life.But eventually it doesn’t work out, so the number of people who owe money in real life is far higher than that.These people are not really don’t want to also, of course, some people is to want to also have no money, many business fail, for example, their money will also still relatively strong, but really not a penny in his pocket, but some people they don’t have no money, but don’t really want to, also want to give the money to avoid, moreover is living on loan default.Is there really nothing that can be done about these rich deadbeats?In the past, the punishment measures for laoirong were really very limited. Even though many people were judged laoirong, their life was still very comfortable, so they didn’t care much about whether they would be judged laoirong.But with the growing number of old lai, the country began to punish and investigate these people, Lao Lai’s life is not so easy.Such as for LaoLai now even the last set of housing will be take to auction, and will be limit of high consumption, travel restrictions, even your family will be implicated, children cannot attend high fees of private schools, even individual university will not admit LaoLai children, take an examination of civil servants, looking for a job will also be affected, so it’s harm and destroy.Before there is a lot of people will be moved before convicted for LaoLai property, and because of the limitation of conditions, do allow some LaoLai pulled it off, but the reality with the rise of big data, these hidden property can without hide something, such as many LaoLai will transfer property to their children or parents, but now as long as have been checked,Then it doesn’t matter who owns it, it’ll be used to pay off the debt.Even if Lao Lai does not have any property under his name, now the pension, provident fund can also be taken out to pay off debts, become Lao Lai all property will be checked, even the family “cannot hide”.It for granted, to drag people who do not also, more means to dun, the tradition of people in our country, usually no one in the first time to call for debt, because it’s taboo, but for those who don’t also rich, face is thicker than the wall, I think don’t give the debtor’s face, he dares to owe, why do you dare not to,If I say hello in advance before the Spring Festival, if not before the Spring Festival, New Year’s day that a few days to his home, the money does not return will not go, until the money.Do you have any good ways to get money from people who don’t pay it back?