Liu Kan appealed to Hu Zongnan for help, but Hu Zongnan was drunk and unconscious. Liu Kan was furious: the party state was over

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Peng Dehuai considered that only by going south could hu Zongnan be effectively contained.The south had three targets: Yan ‘an, Luochuan and Yichuan.Yichuan was the weakest with only two regiments.Yichuan is the barrier of Guanzhong built by Hu Zongnan, and its geographical position is very important.East can control the Yellow River crossing, north and Yan ‘an only two days away.Attack Yichuan, Hu Zongnan will not sit idly by.In October 1947, Wang Zhen led the 2nd and 4th Columns to occupy Yichuan, but later Dong Zhao led troops to aid the situation, the enemy was strong and weak, Wang Zhen gave up.If we fight Yichuan now, we can not only contain Hu Zongnan, but also get the cooperation of two vertical and four vertical. The situation is in my favor.Approved by Chairman MAO and the Central committee, Peng Dehuai decided to attack Shaanxi, capture Yichuan, ready to help, a large number of enemy effective forces.In order to mobilize troops to fight in Henan and protect Guanzhong, Chiang Kai-shek ordered Hu Zongnan to withdraw troops from northern Shaanxi. Pei Changhui, as Hu Zongnan’s deputy director, formed a Regiment of Pei Changhui to leave Tongguan in the name of xi ‘an Suisui Bureau Command post.Hu zongnan has not been seen in public since returning to Xi ‘an.Behind closed doors, he kept silent, his failures beating him like a man who had not recovered from a serious illness.At the beginning of the implementation of the “Strategy of Northern Shaanxi battle plan” fanaticism, the occupation of Yan ‘an when the heroic spirit, he has not seen a trace!This time, the first, 36th and 30th divisions of the BGF were transferred, and Hu Zongnan felt weak and weak.This is tantamount to taking blood instead of blood transfusion when he is seriously ill.On the northern Shaanxi battlefield, he could no longer take the initiative to look for the main force of our army as before, but was afraid to meet it, and was forced to use local forces to take mobile defense.Hu Zongnan also in the northern Shaanxi army personnel and staffing adjustment: Dong Zhao took office as chairman of shaanxi Provincial government, no longer as the whole army commander position.BGF 90th division commander Yan Ming injured good team official reinstatement, not Chen Wu agent.The 27th and 90th divisions belonging to the 1st Corps were put under the 29th Corps.He Wending of the BGF 17th Division and the 11th Shaanxi Security Regiment guarded Yan ‘an, and Zhang Hanchu of the 24th Brigade of the BGF 76th Division guarded Yichuan.The headquarters of the 29th Army were stationed in Luochuan, and the 90th army was stationed near Huangling. In the north, they would fight in Yan ‘an and Yichuan, and in the south, they would defend Guanzhong and Xi ‘an.The Spring Festival of 1948 came, the PLA entered the spring training, Hu Zongnan’s troops also took the opportunity to rest.In order to stabilize the morale of the army, Hu Zongnan ordered the brigade commanders and above in northern Shaanxi to return to Xi ‘an for the Spring Festival.All of a sudden, the officers were enjoying themselves in restaurants and theatres, drinking and playing cards, singing and dancing.When our troops were ordered to besiege the 3rd and 6th columns of Yichuan and suddenly appeared outside yichuan, the brigade commander of the 24th Kuomintang Brigade stationed here, Zhang Hanchu, woke up from his dream: it was his own idea that the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army was playing!A few days ago, Zhang Hanchu had been informed that the main force of the PLA was moving south in a large scale, but he could not fathom the PLA’s intentions.At this point, the PLA suddenly stopped, and Zhang Hanchu guessed that the PLA might be planning to retake Yan ‘an, which was a relief.It was only five days before the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army came undetected.Zhang Hanchu’s first reaction, with his colleagues no different, hu Zongnan first send a newspaper for help!In fact, Liu Kan, Yan Ming, Wang Yingzun, Deng Zhongmei and others had been all rushed back to the front from the theater tavern during the Spring Festival by Hu Zongnan.On receiving Zhang’s telegram, Hu zongnan became nervous and ordered Liu to command the 27th and 90th divisions of the reorganized army nearby. He gathered more than 20,000 troops and rushed to Yichuan immediately to relieve the siege.On Feb. 25, Liu Kan, a reluctant officer who was always being led around by the PLA’s nose, set off again.Alarmed, Zhang Rushed to his position outside the city. Until reinforcements arrived, he could only rely on these fortifications for resistance.After years of service, Zhang Hanchu certainly knew that fortifications alone could not defend the city.But two of the three regiments under his command were on delicate terms with him.One is Zhao Rentuan, one is CAI Zhongfang tuan, when he served as deputy commander of the BGF 27th division on the relationship with each other.When the BGF 24th brigade in qingjian, the entire army was destroyed, after the capture of brigade commander Zhang Xin, Hu Zongnan was unwilling to fail, to rebuild the 24th brigade, appointed Zhang Hanchu as brigade commander.Yichuan situation is more dangerous, Zhang Hanchu heart one hundred unwilling, finally or military orders difficult to breach, brave head of the office.To his satisfaction, yichuan’s city defense is very solid.As early as in yan Xishan’s time, many permanent and semi-permanent fortifications and bunkers were built around the city.After Hu Zongnan took over the defense, with the enthusiasm of attacking Yan ‘an, Chiang Kai-shek invited a lot of foreign military advisers to investigate here, and spared no effort to recruit thousands of migrant workers for several months to build a company of fortifications.Zhang Hanchu came here in October last year, the next cruel to strengthen the fortifications again, wider and wider, and deeper digging.Yichuan was surrounded by mountains, the west of the city outside qilang Mountain, the north of the city tiger Mountain, the northwest taizi Mountain, the northeast Fengqi Mountain and other natural barriers, steep mountains, blockhouses densely covered.Zhang Hanchu believes that Yichuan’s defensive ability is no less than Yulin.With those scrap iron in the hands of the Communist army, yichuan is still far away.On The 25th, the 3rd and 6th columns of the Northwest Field Army launched an attack on Yicheon city from the west to the east.Zhang Hanchu’s intention was soon discovered by the commanders and fighters of the Northwest Field Army.He wanted to stick to the two defense points inside and outside qilang Mountain and Fengqi Mountain, with strong fortifications, waiting for the arrival of the rescue forces.One battalion of the 71st regiment was stationed on the outer Qilang Mountain, while the inner Qilang Mountain was centered on three artillery pieces.Fengqi mountain mortar configuration two, by the 70 regiment head CAI Zhongfang personally led the regiment headquarters and two subordinate battalion guards.Tiger Hill to the north of the city and Prince Prince Hill to the northwest, only a small number of troops stationed.The PLA first cleared up these outlying positions and soon took tiger Hill, Wanling Hill and other key points successively. The enemy troops retreated into the city like a flood, and the danger of breaking the city was approaching.Now Zhang Hanchu was worried.Two days passed without any sign of Yoo s army.Zhang Hanchu grabbed the pen, personally drafted an urgent telegram, request Hu Zongnan to help quickly, or yichuan will not protect!Liu Kan comes slowly, let Peng Dehuai also in a hurry!The 27th division and the 90th division are still in the hands of Yoo Kan, so that every move of the Northwest Field Army must consider his presence.So Peng decided to take liu gamy in one bite. Even if he could not, he would take most of him, leaving him powerless to attack and settling his worries in northern Shaanxi.Yoo kan led the procession cautiously.He thought to himself: once upon a time in the Yangma River, Qingjian under orders to rescue, Peng Dehuai did not lead their own mobile regiment as the main target, only sent a small unit of troops to stop their advance.Although the mountains and mountains to eat a lot of pain, also lost face, but finally safe.But this time it’s different!A large number of people’s Liberation Army troops bypassed Yan ‘an and marched southward. If it were to be discussed, it would not be able to fight yichuan, which was weak in strength, with such great momentum.If the Communists try again to besiege the city for aid, they will be in great danger.Liu gams sent the 61st brigade of the 90th division and the 47th brigade of the 27th Division to search along the north and south sides of the road, fearing an ambush by the PLA.There are three routes from yoo s camp to Yicheon. One is along Nakui Road and goes to Yicheon via Waja Street.One is from Huangling, Luochuan via Stone fort to Yichuan;Another is from Huangling, Luochuan along luoyi road north of the Golden Lion temple to Yichuan.Compared with the three roads, the first route is the shortest, but the terrain is dangerous and vulnerable to ambush.The second is a longer distance and equally vulnerable to ambush.The third road was narrow and high, and there was little chance of being ambushed. However, it was difficult for heavy firearms to pass and the marching speed was slow.Liu kan, now cautious, is inclined to take the third path.However, Hu Zongnan was quite different. First, he was eager to relieve the siege of Yichuan, and second, he believed that with only three columns in Yichuan and not enough troops to swallow one of his troops, he most likely ordered Liu To take the first path.Peng desperately needs to know which way Liu gams will take the bait.Therefore, Peng Dehuai ordered our intelligence officers in advance, hoping to find out the enemy’s movements within three days.At this time, the kuomintang into the 7th supply area of our party underground workers Yang Mengdong sent information: Hu Zongnan ordered the reorganization of the 29th army from the Luoyi road via tile street to Yichuan.After peng Dehuai received the information, he said happily: “Great! It’s timely!They should be credited!”At once it was decided to lay an ambush in the Rue de Tiles.Wazi Street is the choke point of the Loyi Highway, a 15-kilometer long gorge flanked by high mountains, through which the road cuts.Once Ryu gamy takes the rak Yi road, he will cross waja Street.In order for the Korean army to swallow the two divisions of Yoo s family, it had to take advantage of the natural pocket terrain.Once Ryu gams enters, it will be easier to get in than to get out, just as Lee Ji-woon did.Peng Dehuai ordered 3 longitudinal to continue to attack Yichuan, 6 longitudinal new 4 brigade left 16 regiment, the teaching guide brigade left the first regiment, the two regiment by the teaching brigade commander Chen Haihan unified command, listen to the 3 longitudinal diversion.The rest of the troops were to move towards The Rue De La Vazza to join the consolidation of the 29th Army.The detailed deployment is as follows: 1. Hide in the vicinity of The kan pavilion, cut off the retreat route after Yoo kan, and attack from the left.2. Zong rushed across the Yellow River and made preparations while marching. When the troops reached the designated position, they immediately engaged in battle and attacked Liu Kan’s right wing.The left flank of the enemy was attacked from north to south and finally annihilated Liu Kan.In the snow and snow, the soldiers stepped on the mud, excitedly to take part in the Wazi Street battle, after the “complaint three checks” of the officers and men, the high morale of the pressure can not be pressed, everyone is eager to try.But the troops lay in wait in the ravine for two days, but Liu kan was still nowhere to be seen.Peng s eyes were fixed on Yoo s. He grabbed the phone and told Heo Gwang-da, commander of the third column, Gwang-da, attack the city!Force Liu kan to go faster!”In fact, Liu kan is now less than 25 kilometers away from Wazi Street and preparing to camp.Vanguard reorganized 27th division commander Wang Yingzun, received intelligence, said in yongxiang about 25 kilometers northeast near guanting, found a PLA troops.Wang Yingzun immediately sent a reconnaissance battalion to investigate.There was indeed a PLA in Guanting, the first column.They surrounded the reconnaissance battalion sent by Wang Yingzun and soon lost a battalion.Only a few soldiers ran back.Wang Yingzun reaction according to the defeat of the situation, feel the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in view of the pavilion team is not a small local armed, but the main force of the well-trained PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.He took a jeep overnight to report to Liu Kan.”Army, I don’t see good.”Wang Yingzun said anxiously, “If the communist army’s goal was Yichuan, how could they gather troops at Guanting?I think it’s aimed at our army.”Liu Kan felt that the situation was wrong, but as the commander of an army, he couldn’t let the words of despair out of his mouth even before the battle began.He thought for a while and asked, “Mr. Wang, in your opinion?”Rare army commander so democratic, Wang Yingzun quickly express their ideas.In fact, it is very simple, is the first focus on fighting guan Ting, remove the flank threat of the headquarters, and then from the guan Ting to Yichuan rescue.He said that in terms of the terrain, after the guanting battle, the guanting can be directly reached by the yichuan city along a ridge, and the marching speed will not be much affected.Liu gams mused that the siege of Yichuan could be resolved only by concentrating on the PLA’s blocking forces.So he sent an urgent telegram to xi ‘an seiyuan office overnight asking for Instructions from Hu Zongnan.It happens that hu Zongnan is drinking with a few henchmen in the evening, perhaps it is to think a drunk solution thousand sorrow, Hu Zongnan cup and cup, a few months of desponding let him drink more, finally really drunk do not know who oneself is.Liu Kan was furious, and said in his heart that the party and state had finished.Such an emergency could not wake him up.In Xi ‘an, which of the deputy chief of staff on duty dare to make decisions?Change the battle plan, hu officer sober up after who dare to assume responsibility?Since Hu was so drunk that he was drunk himself.