Don’t want to cook at home?Spring Festival eating out health tips please check

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During the Spring Festival, it is not necessary to eat out.When you have to eat out, health protection must be tightened!Eating out health guide a temperature measurement registration can not less appear fever, cough, shortness of breath and other physical discomfort, do not eat out.To make an appointment before eating, off-peak meals to avoid crowding.If the restaurant is too crowded, choose a take-out option.Before entering the restaurant, please cooperate with the staff to do a temperature measurement and check the health code. Only when normal can you enter the restaurant, if there are suspicious symptoms, you should not enter the restaurant and seek medical treatment in time.Avoid poorly ventilated seats, such as windowless private rooms.Do not forget to wear a mask when going out and carry hand disinfectant.Wash your hands before eating and after going to the toilet.Keep the inside of the mask clean during meals to avoid contamination.If it is not necessary not to gather less, less clustering, reduce unnecessary dinner party, do not hold or participate in more dinner party.Home health monitors cannot attend the gathering.Avoid gatherings in confined Spaces, keep activities brief and keep Windows open for ventilation.When ordering food, priority should be given to non-contact electronic menu and scanning code ordering.According to the principle of meat and vegetable collocation, the principle of both main and secondary dishes, reasonable and moderate meals, avoid waste, do not eat wild animals.Strategy five diet abstinence protect healthy reasonable diet, do not overeat, avoid eating too much stimulating food, including too sweet, too oil, too salty food.Six civilized dining etiquette do not mix tableware, with chopsticks, as far as possible meal.Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. If no tissue is available, use your elbow instead.Strategy 7 Do not linger after dinner to reduce the dining time in the restaurant, it is recommended that the dining time is not more than 2 hours.Leave the restaurant as soon as possible to minimize your stay.At the end of the meal, it is recommended to choose non-contact payment methods such as scanning code payment.Statement: this public account reprinted works for public welfare, copyright belongs to the original author, this article only represents the author’s views, does not represent the views of this platform, if involved in infringement, please contact directly to delete.Thoroughly study, publicize, and implement Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law Conscientiously implement the Eighth Five-Year Plan for Popularizing the Law Carry forward the Spirit of the Constitution Safeguard the Authority of the Constitution a better life The Civil Code respects the law, abides by the law, and applies it