Bing Jiao: “I dare not…”Pain” he strong possessive hoarse way: “sister, you are not good”

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Hello, everyone, we met again in the vast sea of people, as a veteran novel lover, the following small make up to share my own unforgettable novels, to ensure that everyone has one breath to read the impulse.If it looks good, don’t forget to save it, so you won’t get lost next time.Today xiaobian to recommend: Disease Jiao: “I dare not…Pain “he strong mask possessive hoarse way:” elder sister, you are not good “the first:” disease Jiao Qin shao malicious paranoid “author: Easy S cloud deep introduction: disease Jiao:” I dare not……Pain “he strong mask possessive hoarse way:” sister, you are not good “after amnesia song mian successfully opened someone’s shun MAO road.An ex-boyfriend walks in and asks her to run away?Song mianmian embraces Qin Chen face to face, baji one mouthful, “I only like you.”Being stopped by someone to express their love and send flowers?Song Mianmian took the flowers and gave them to Qin Chen in front of him, saying, “Dear, you are so beautiful ~” Concentrating on study and ignoring him?Song mianmian flew to Qin Chen’s arms, “I can’t do this, you teach me.Wonderful content: Song Mianmian because just fell to the ground, the body is dirty mud, uncomfortable hum, and finally did not ask what, low and soft toward Qin Chen way, “go to the hospital first, and then go home.”Qin Chen frowning, fundus thick gloomy tension, knuckle fingers with extreme tolerance of cold restraint.He carried her into the car.There was no longer anything to hide.Fancy car, chauffeur.Not much different from his old life.Song mianmian closed her eyes, simply pretended to be asleep, and tried to ignore that wipe, because he cheated her, and the heart spread uncomfortable feeling.She leaned her head against the window glass and even thought darkly that he seemed to be sure that she could not do anything to him. Just pretend to be weak and play games with her?(click below to read for free) the second book: “Sick Jiao and sweet” author: General fish introduction: The day of the jiao female Li Muzi, a dare in front of the disease jiao overpower, throw and roll, run away from home strange woman.Sick Jiao should have a series of equipment, Zhang Zi Shuo have.Just……When she frowned, he was at his wit’s end.Some people say zhang Zi Shuo this life away from cool thin, only eccentric Li Muzi.Zhang Zi Shuo after listen to light smile way, “eccentric?Where can one go when one’s whole heart is in that little wretch’s hand?”Exciting content: Li Muzi seems not to want to hear his self-defeating nonsense.Deliberately angry bite his chin, and then “teng” one
Stand up next.
Maybe it was the little girl who lost her footing, or maybe it was the big, scarred hands that were clasped around her waist.
Li Muzi one didn’t notice, get up of time, poor so a little bit, she……Stepping on a man’s most vulnerable spot.
Zhang Zi Shuo took care to protect the little girl, holding her over the mountain and holding her down.After fear way, “ancestor, do not see parents, you waste me?””Sorry, I didn’t mean to……”The next second, originally some guilty little girl do not know what to think of, small hand “pa”
Of pat way his chest, delicate Chen way, “Zhang Zi!If you don’t love me, say so! ‘
Li Muzi’s thoughtless voice made Zhang Zi shiver, and he hurriedly pressed the little bastard back into his arms, helpless and spoiled.
“How can I love you?Huh?Die on you?”
“Zhang Zi Shuo!
“Okay, okay, I’ll go.”(click below to read for free) the third: “disease Jiao big guy pet me” author: An Zhisu introduction: once suffer, like god of the man appeared in front of her: want revenge, listen to me!The two adorable babies looked at the man as he appeared. “Mommy, isn’t Daddy dead?”Yan Xiujing: “AM I dead?”Later Yan Xiujing said again: “my wife weak can deceive, timid such as rabbit” lovely baby: “Mommy very miserable.”Great thing: “Change it!””What?”A low and dangerous voice belonging to a man sounded. Li Yao was still confused and puzzled. Was this for her?Had he had the dress prepared, if her memory served her right, and now had it changed?Is there something wrong with the clothes?Li Yao looked around in front of the mirror, perfectly set off her figure, customized, it was perfect, she still quite like it, didn’t think there was anything wrong?”Change it!The tone of Yan Xiujing more sank a few minutes, see the design on the back especially, large skin is bare outside, arouse many curiosity of the person.What are you doing showing so much good clothes?It seems that the level of that person is really touted by women, more and more not how, is worth calling people suspect.”Oh!”Li Yao even did not ask why, forget it, this person can not be bothered, low pressure makes people out of breath, change it, it is not a big deal.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?In the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobiao can see oh, look forward to your message ~# disease Jiao # “Quick wear of the rescue of black boss” he gently coax the chain wrapped around her wrist “hush, obedient” “Exclusive possession: Honey sweet wife pet endless” he imprisoned her in the dungeon, surly way: also escape?He buried his head in her neck and hid his crazy possessiveness in his eyes. “Sister, I’m afraid.”