Visit the temple fair, enjoy lanterns, taste delicious food, travel ancient towns, thick New Year flavor in Jersey!

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Temple fair Folk show tide play interactive light show food millennium iron bonfire carnival……This Spring Festival, don’t tell me you don’t know where to go?Dayang ancient town scenic spot, make you happy!From the first to the fifteenth day of the first month.In order to create a peaceful and strong festival atmosphere, Dayang Ancient Town held the 2022 Dayang Ancient Town New Year National Tide Temple Fair with the theme of “Colorful Temple · Imagination of Tide Tiger”, including the traditional temple fair, interactive and immersive activity display of tide fun, and the stunning “The Night of Yang A”.A series of activities from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, not also le “tiger”!PART 01 · Delicious and fun temple fair · Immersive commercial block comes, Guanli Lane changes, new unlock new gameplay!!Once you get to Tubular Lane, you dream of a thousand years.During the Spring Festival, Guanli Lane, the core commercial street of Dayang Ancient Town, will be transformed and upgraded to be an immersive Ming Dynasty block, a unique Ming Dynasty traditional culture experience activity, and the temple will be full of fun!Everywhere is interesting country tide scene, “tide” feeling full, new unlock new gameplay!!Hey!Inside and outside photo card absolutely out of the circle!!Thousands of lanterns, thousands of delicious red lanterns hung high, decorated with lanterns and colorful Flavor of the New Year.Strolling in the old street, full of red, Spring Festival flavor blow on the face.Encounter the flavor of the New Year, set “food” fun.Temple fair food let you eat, a variety of special snacks everything, full of New Year flavor and interesting objects in eyes, feel the most traditional, the most authentic Taste of the New Year ~ PART 02 tide fun Temple fun alive interactive challenge walk, to wine party friends!Since ancient times all sages are lonely, but the drinker is named.Zhaizhu out of the mountain to wine party friends, challenge guessing, dice, fifteen twenty and other lines of drinking, on the stage to beat, not to fight, more liu Guanzhang magic dance scene whole live!Ten thousand poems, wine wine, poetry wine flying flower order, welcome to order, dayang has “ceremony”.Throw a pot, thread a needle, challenge the ancient cultural experience project, is plastic or king, a try to know!Fun interactive experience dayang red media out of the single blind box, the latest way to “make friends”;Jinyi Protect town, try to trigger the password to unlock the new operation;More tall and fierce real mecha and you live interaction, no matter which can bring you unlimited joy ~ PART 03 immersive activities show wonderful “absolutely” Lun immersive performance here “play” a lot, a variety of wonderful programs.Grand grand welcome ceremony, gathered in the situation of the theme of “wulin assembly”, sun cultural entertainment, fun, happy little carpenter, little not, of primitive simplicity is elegant, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood “very” “pipa”, bring you a new visual feast of Spring Festival ~ a special antique tide flash,Invite you to dance with us;”All things in Dayang”, xingmu one side mouth, all the story of dayang 2600 years.The unique folk culture display of Dayang features, running donkey, carrying sedan chair, land boat, bar box, two ghosts pull down, the old man carrying his wife, a day high……Bring you the traditional fun and excitement of the New Year in your memory. There are more surprises in the daytime, wait for you to reveal!”Yang A night” 3.0 version of the new upgrade, shock to attack!Not enough during the day, continue to play at night!All-dimensional large-scale immersive light show millennium iron flower, martial arts performance, flying phoenix dance, bonfire carnival bring you a new visual feast unlimited surprise, unlimited carnival, unlimited joy!2022 Dayang Ancient Town Spring Festival National Tide temple Fair grand Ceremony program list please collect PART 04 · Net red punch holy Land Beauty ring hey, punch together!Of course, we should take photos to record it, keep the smiling face on the journey, and turn the instant memory into eternity.A wave of Internet celebrities are on their way ~ △ Oil paper umbrella card wall beautiful ancient style, umbrella rhyme melodious.Unique oil paper umbrella wall, perfect for photo taking!△ The sea of fireflies (click on the picture to jump to the sea of fireflies)Caught the stars with the frame of the picture are enough to cure ~ △ romantic Taolin completely have no resistance to the New Year’s first circle of friends with a friend to quickly pull the clock!Source: Travel Jersey