The only place in the world without mosquitoes, with fewer people and beautiful scenery, is the happiest country in the world

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Summer is coming, in addition to the hot and dry weather, we should be the most annoying “mosquito”.I wish it were gone from this world at once!But there is one country that never has this worry, because it is the only country in the world without mosquitoes!To be honest, it’s really enviable…And it’s one of the safest countries in the world, so you don’t have to worry about going alone.Located on the border of Europe and America, near the polar circle, it has a population of 320,000 and the highest happiness index of any country in the world!And have the most equal social environment for women.Not only that, but the scenery here is so beautiful that it is listed as one of the best places in the world to visit every year.Even Liu Haoran traveled thousands of miles to come here, leaving behind a beautiful film.Chen once “exiled” himself here for 48 hours, calling it the perfect place.Stefanie Sun’s MV “Trench Coat” was also filmed here…This let countless people yearn for the cold fairyland, is “Iceland”!It’s cold as if it doesn’t belong in a lonely country on earth, but it’s dreamy with its own high sense.In a word, let people yearn for.Many people have an image of Iceland as “cold” because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle, but Iceland is actually a picturesque place, apart from its snow-capped mountains and glaciers.Reykjavik reykjavik is the capital of Iceland.It may be the capital, but the population here is less than 60,000, so it’s really far from the hustle and bustle.When the sun rises or sets, the mountains on both sides appear delicate purple and the water turns deep blue, making one feel like one is in a painting.There are no skyscrapers in the city, and the housing is small and exquisite, and painted in red and green colors, under the irradiation of the sun, colorful, colorful.At night, the sky turns deep blue and the city lights up like a starry sky.The warm yellow light contrasts with the sky, making Reykjavik the most romantic city in the world.Be sure to visit the Reykjavik church.It stands like a huge pipe organ in the bustling city centre, as if an invisible hand were plucking the strings, and the music is wafting away in tune with the whistling Icelandic winds.Vik, a town of about 600 people, is described by many as the most beautiful place in Iceland.The famous black beach is here.Behind the town is the sea as far as the eye can see, with rolling hills on both sides.In the summer, the water is blue and the town is surrounded by flowers. The only sound is the lapping of the water on the shore and the singing of birds.Everything here is always full of a strange charm, as soon as you take a walk in the town, you will be affected by the silence.In fact, Icelandic cities are like this, there are no tall buildings, scattered everywhere.The colorful house and nature blend together perfectly, especially lovely.That’s probably why life in Iceland is so happy. Everything is so casual, so free and easy.Have you ever seen a colored volcano?Iceland has a colorful volcano, located in the southern tip of the Icelandic highlands, as gorgeous as zhangye’s colorful Danxia.It really seems that God has spread the rainbow here, all kinds of colors together, gorgeous.Iceland is an amazing country, voted the most godless country in Europe, yet it has plenty of churches.And these churches are beautiful.You’ve probably seen them on a lot of wallpaper sites.Many of these churches, oddly shaped, were built far from any human habitation.So many people call the Church in Iceland “the loneliest church in the world.”They may not have gorgeous domes or beautiful glass Windows, but every church has a meaningful story behind it.So have a chance to visit Iceland and encounter the stories.The name Iceland seems to represent beauty and longing.The country with the purest air and water in the world is the purest being in the world.Run on the black sand.Iceland’s black beach is one of the best in the world, and it is also the location of Liu Haoran’s filming.Black sand and white waves form a sharp contrast in the sun, “Bijia Mountain” reef across the sea, echo each other, as if to come to another star world.From the black sands, the North Atlantic stretches as far as the eye can see.Also understand why Chen Bailin said that he “exiled” here, unique sense of desolation, really do not have a taste.On the black beach, the remains of the C-47 SkyTrain, also a symbol of wonder.The wreckage and the solitude around it are so harmonious that one can’t help but appreciate the loneliness and desolation of the end of the world……Go to the Blue Lake Hot Spring.The Blue Lake seems to have become the symbol of Iceland, many people come to Iceland, will choose to soak in the blue lake light blue hot springs to watch the beautiful scenery in the distance.Blue Lake is unique in that its large lake is filled with opalescent opaque water at around 39°C, a mixture of seawater and geothermal spring water.Like a huge sapphire inlaid in this vast land.And the mud in the Blue Lake is volcanic mud!Put some lake mud on your face as a mask and it’s great for your skin.If you catch up with a snowy day, the body soaked in warm water, the head is flying snow, really like a fairyland.Go to the geysers.It is an intermittently erupting hot spring that has been likened to a “natural underground boiler.”Once the eruption, the water droplets thrown into the air, poured into the half gorge, in the sun “Tiannu scattered flowers” strong scene.Iceland has the mystery of the end of the world, a romance all its own, apart from Paris or the Maldives.The sky is paved with auroras, diamond beaches pave your way, and ice caves like crystal palaces…It really brings all the elements of romance together.On the opposite side of Iceland’s largest ice lake, Jegusalen, lies a “diamond Beach”.In this strange black beach scattered with countless such as uncut natural diamond ice, black beach and crystal clear “diamond” lining and become, the United States to suffocate.These “diamonds” reflect brilliantly in the sunlight, reflecting the blue sea and the gorgeous sun.Let’s go to the ice cave.Iceland’s ice caves are world famous. They are like a giant crystal Palace. No one can resist their charm.The huge ice caves are crystal clear under the sun, and their blue color changes over time.It’s like the palace in Frozen. It’s stunning.Go see the aurora lights.Iceland is the only country in the world where the entire island is located in the aurora belt.And when the aurora shows up in Iceland, it’s overwhelming.Gorgeous as a dream of light, line the night sky, dotted with stars, brilliant magnificent.There is a legend that people who see the aurora will be happy for a lifetime.So if you have a chance, come to Iceland and have a dream about happiness.Iceland’s unique nature has inspired many films and TV series, including game of Thrones.Why Iceland?For nowhere else could the cold and deadly Wall and north of the Wall be woven.Let the fiction and reality in the mysterious and beautiful nature so perfect fusion.Iceland did it.”A Song of Ice and Fire” is really the best interpretation of Iceland.An eighth of the country is covered in ice, but there are surprisingly many volcanoes, more than 200 of them, more than 30 of them active.It is really fiery and leng yan coexistence, vitality and desolation intertwined.Skoga Falls snow and Daenerys fly side by side to enjoy the snow-covered Northern landscape and land before a spectacular waterfall known as Skoga Falls.Skoga Falls is one of Iceland’s largest and most spectacular waterfalls.The drop is up to 60 meters, and the water mist often creates a double rainbow, which is spectacular.Speaking of waterfalls, the famous Golden Falls is also a must.The water from the falling waterfall filled the sky and formed a rainbow in the sunlight, as if the whole waterfall had been forged of gold.”Mission Hill” “Arrowhead Hill” in the play has appeared many times, can be said to be one of the important places to promote the plot.The arrowhead mountain is Mission Hill in Iceland, also known as Straw Hat Hill.Picturesque throughout the year, it is one of the photographer’s favorite places.Iceland is home to the largest glacier in Europe, the Vatnajokull, and 11% of the country is covered by cold glaciers.The snow and ice created the perfect bleak atmosphere, so many scenes in the show were filmed on glaciers.The vast glacier world is the palace of pure and pure in people’s heart, which makes all living beings crazy and intoxicated by it.The river flows like blue blood across this magical land. It really feels like coming to an alien world. It is shocking.Iceland’s wonderful, words really can not tell.That kind of direct visual shock, only to witness once.Although we may not be able to go now because of the epidemic, I believe that one day, the world will be better, and we will go to the “end of the world” together.To see the most gorgeous aurora, to take a bath in the most beautiful blue lake hot springs, to run on the black beach, to take a photo in front of a lonely church…Go to the freest place in the world, free and easy!