“Spring walking grassroots” tunnel lighting, water solution is difficult

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At the beginning of the New Year, located in The territory of Lianjiang town, Dingyuan County chuhe River four station qimashan main channel (jiangxiang reservoir water diversion) project site, a hot construction scene.Construction workers from all over the country seized the current favorable opportunity, working day and night in the tunnel 29 meters deep underground, to push forward the project progress.February 9, the reporter from the initial shaft to the 29 meters deep “Xing Ding” shield machine construction site, see and the initial well is connected with a diameter of 6.25 meters of shield tunnel, tunnel laid at the bottom of the track, both sides and the top of the high strength reinforced concrete segment has been bolted fixed.Down the tunnel to walk in, not for a while, the reporter met the muck tractor driver Leaf cloth.Ye Bu, a 19-year-old native of Liangshan, Sichuan province, chose to stick to construction sites this Spring Festival because of construction needs.At 7 a.m., he went down to take over the vehicle from his workmates and worked until 7 p.m., except for lunch.”The shield machine is out front digging the earth, and I’m in charge of transporting the soil to the well, probably eight or nine times a day.”Ye Bu told reporters.Continue to move forward, present in front of the reporter is a “behemoth” – more than 80 meters long shield machine.This “big guy” constantly working, I saw the front end of the shield machine cutting soil into the soil bin, discharged by the screw conveyor, and then transported to the muck car through the belt conveyor.Shield machine driver Liu Xugang told reporters that the shield machine is the absolute main force of qizhoushan Chuhe station channel construction, can work around the clock, a day and a night can dig about 20 meters.After nearly three months of continuous work, the length of the tunnel has now reached 765 meters.”I’m from Huai ‘an, Jiangsu province. Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I naturally feel a sense of achievement when I see the tunnel getting longer and longer with the joint efforts of myself and my workmates.”Liu Xugang said.Huang Yonggang, deputy chief engineer of China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., LTD., said the project will need to open 13.2 kilometers of tunnels.Therefore, during the Spring Festival, all sections of the project are under normal construction. Four shield machines are running at full power. More than 80 builders are working hard on the front line.These days, Dingyuan County water bureau deputy director Wang Xu has been rushing about in the project construction site.He tells a reporter, a team of four horses mountain chuhe river level 4 station, the construction is an important supporting jiang xiang reservoir irrigation area and a team of four horses mountain project, main task is to provide the Yangtze river lane reservoir water supplement, meet the demand of xiang jiang reservoir and its surrounding industrial water, after the completion of building as irfpa “jianghuai, inline river library, scientific allocation and efficient use of” water resources allocation scheduling system is of great significance.