Single mother pressure, liver qi discomfort leads to thyroid nodules, so the nodule “broken”

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Thyroid nodule is a lot of come from at “gas” was blocked, in the body not smooth, cause constitution blood stasis phlegm phlegm, qi stagnation stagnation, liver gas is not comfortable, because this forms nodule “intumescent”, the neck greatens, thyroid nodule also is said by everybody “big neck disease”.My patient Qin Ms, is a single mother, work pressure is greater often stay up late to work overtime, home to take care of the children, so physically and mentally exhausted, work pressure, education children often angry, over time, they found that the neck becomes larger.Later, he found us for face examination, and after confirmation, he belonged to the third class of thyroid nodules. Nodules had obvious enlargement, pain and difficulty in swallowing, and hoarse voice.According to the situation of Qin Lady, belong to qi stagnation and stasis, liver qi is not comfortable, give the method of regulating nodules.Match with dredge liver classics of summer withered grass, xin to loose knot, bitter to vent heat, to take good qing irvine, scattered phlegm knot.The liver is just dirty, supplemented by angelica warm and moist, tonifying blood deficiency, soft liver dryness.Prepared licorice and various herbs.Combined use has the effect of qi dispersing phlegm, detumescence and dispersing nodules, which is helpful to the improvement of thyroid nodules.In the prescription, rose has the effect of activating qi to relieve depression, peach kernel is promoting blood stasis and relieving pain, and the difference between the two is promoting qi, promoting blood stasis and reducing swelling.Oyster, allium macrostemon and dandelion have a strong effect of softening nodules after clearing heat and detoxification.In addition to invigorating the spleen and stomach, bergamot, orange peel and dried ginger can also soothe the liver and regulate qi, reduce dampness and phlegm, which is helpful for the relief of nodules.Broccoli seed water extract can help “shrink” nodules and soften nodules.A month of time, Qin Ms. Strictly in accordance with these methods of regulation, nodules have a lot of “extinction”, the improvement is more obvious.Specific method combines individual circumstance even specific and decide.