Shucheng county dry branch river town: snow removal ice to keep smooth efforts for the people practical

2022-06-15 0 By

The rule of law culture – (correspondent Proud Lu Xian) early February 7, anhui shucheng stem branching river town ushered in the first snow of 2022, after the heavy snow, the road was covered with thick snow, slow traffic, pedestrians falter, snow to the passing pedestrians, vehicles brings great inconvenience and potential safety hazard.The party Committee and government of the town practiced the “people-centered development thought”, and truly cared about the people’s temperature and warmth. They worked hard to do practical things for the people, quickly started the emergency plan to deal with rain, snow and frozen weather, and mobilized village cadres and Party members volunteers to carry out snow cleaning activities.After the heavy snowfall, the Party Committee and government of Dry Creek Town promptly organized and arranged by the town’s urban management law enforcement squadron, and the cleaning company to implement and mobilize large forklifts to remove snow on the main road in the town;Arrange party members volunteers and sanitation workers to clean the snow on the main roads in each village;Organizing town and village cadres and town unit staff to clean the snow on the pedestrian road in the public office area, and requiring all villages to remind the villagers to sweep the snow on the roof in time to ensure the safety of people’s travel and living, which was well received by the masses.