In just two days, 1,285 isolation wards were rebuilt, and state-owned enterprises rushed to help Baise

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Extreme news reporter Ma Qingni correspondent Huang Pengcheng Luo xiao epidemic is the command!On February 9, the first company of the Third Bureau of China Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. dispatched more than 80 people to form the reconstruction and construction team of the isolation point in Jingxi City, Baise, and completed the construction of 1,285 isolation wards within two days, contributing to the local fight against the epidemic.After arriving in Jingxi city, the construction team conducted on-site survey with the local housing bureau and the Health Commission, and discussed the reconstruction and construction plan of three areas and two channels at the isolation point. Then the workers and workers were divided into two groups to carry out the reconstruction and construction task of the isolation point at Jingxi Minority Middle School and Jingxi Vocational and technical School respectively.The task of transformation is heavy, and time waits for no man.As soon as the construction team arrived at the scene, they began to work without stopping.At 18:00 on February 9, construction materials arrived at the site, workers began to unload materials from the truck;19 when the construction officially began, cutting keel, fixed keel, cutting wood, fixed wall panels, glue, door installation……It only took 20 minutes to complete the first wall panel installation to glue repair work.”Time is of the essence, and everyone is racing against time and working all night to ensure the prevention and control work as early as possible.”The renovation of 205 isolation wards at jingxi Minzu Middle School, the first isolation site, was completed early the next morning, said Shi Yong, manager of the engineering department of the Guangxi branch of the First company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau.At 4 am on February 10, construction and renovation of 98 isolation wards at the second isolation point, Jingxi Vocational and Technical School, were also completed.Two isolation sites, a total of 303 isolation wards, the construction of the third engineering Bureau of the first company only 10 hours to complete the reconstruction of the “Chinese speed” in baise’s fight against the epidemic.At noon on February 10, the baise anti-epidemic assistance team from the First company of The Third Construction Bureau of China Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. again set out to the third isolation point, Jingxi Foreign Language Experimental School, to renovate 550 student dormitories, and completed all the renovations within nine hours.Shi yong said that he will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of CSCCC No. 3 Engineering Bureau, strive to complete the reconstruction and construction of isolation points at a faster speed and with high quality, and provide solid hardware support for Baise’s fight against the epidemic.On the morning of February 11, the construction team arrived at Jingxi Minzu High School for the reconstruction of the fourth isolation point, and 432 isolation dormitories were completed by 17pm.So far, the baise anti-epidemic assistance team of The Third Bureau and the first company of China Construction Engineering Corporation has completed the reconstruction and construction of 1,285 isolation wards.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.