As soon as Yongzheng came to power, he immediately killed Kangxi’s beloved concubine. Why

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People who have seen qing dynasty TV dramas know that there were many sons of Kangxi, but the main contenders for the throne were four brothers and eight brothers.In fact, eight elder brother’s popularity is higher than four elder brother, because there are many elder brother are support eight elder brother, including the time by the doting yi Fei her son is eight elder brother there.Unfortunately, Kangxi died later, so that the throne of the son of Heaven passed to the fourth brother.Then the concubine’s fate took an extraordinary turn. She was put to death by the emperor.What is the reason? As soon as Yongzheng ascended the throne, he immediately ordered the execution of Kangxi’s favorite concubine Yifei. In fact, the reason is very simple.When Kangxi is right this concubine is very dote on really, in harem for, she can have a position very much, at the same time this also lets her be spoiled, more haughty and unbridle, consequently she looks down upon this Yongzheng, do not scan widely in him, also be cold to him.As emperor Yongzheng how can even such a woman.The second reason is That Kangxi died not long, according to the rules of the qing dynasty, as the nation is to keep filial piety, during that period can not take the concubine, but the first emperor of this concubine with the body unwell reason violated such rules.Yongzheng, the new emperor, thought this was disrespectful to the former emperor, so he was very angry.Another reason has been mentioned before, because the son of the concubine had supported the eight elder brother rather than himself, so ah, Yongzheng took this opportunity to kill the chicken and make an example of the monkey, which just came in handy.Perhaps on these simple reasons Yongzheng put the emperor’s most spoiled concubine to death, but in fact have to say that this more or less will exist their own selfish, but once as the emperor has such power, so the ancient common people are afraid to offend the son of Heaven.Even dignitaries have been tried, let alone ordinary people.Source network, copyright belongs to the original author all, if infringement please contact delete