The sense of gain should be regarded as the scale of the satisfaction of the investment environment

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The enterprise to obtain the feeling as an investment environment satisfaction scale Chinese people’s political consultative conference congzuo city the fifth member Congzuo city investment promotion bureau of the party group secretary and chief Yellow rain early (on February 23, 2022) as congzuo city CPPCC member of work in the investment promotion and capital introduction, 07:30 think at the beginning of the current congzuo city’s largest emancipating the mind is to optimize the business environment.Opening to start again, the goal of the way to climb again is to serve enterprises, it can be said that service enterprises is to serve the overall situation of the city’s economic work.First, we need to improve the business environment in a problem-oriented manner.What enterprises value is service quality, not service attitude.To help the enterprise rescue as part of the job, to help the enterprise to the point, help in place.Second, improving the business environment should be a fundamental project.Improving the business environment is a matter of quick results and twice the result with half the effort.The key is not to enter or stay, but to develop well.To continuously improve chongzuo enterprise information cloud platform and Chongzuo enterprise evaluation government cloud platform, the core essence is to strengthen the application of results, force the change of work style, improve the ability and level of service enterprises.Third, we will pay close attention to policy implementation and build a sincere government.The preferential policies promised by the investment attraction projects signed by all levels and departments over the years should be analyzed and sorted out, and honored by classification and stages to form a virtuous cycle of “the government honors its commitment and the enterprise honors its investment”.Fourth, we should vigorously advocate the concept of “everyone is an investment environment”.Every official and public official should consciously contribute to building and maintaining a business environment.We will improve the business environment in all aspects, and apply it to all posts and links.Do not trouble, occupy the solution;No matter what you say, the service is good.Fifth, the sense of gain should be regarded as the scale of the satisfaction of the investment environment.Party secretary LAN Xiao has pointed out many times that the business environment is productivity, and the environment must be developed by cadres, and the business environment is determined by enterprises.Sixth, we need to be more precise, in-depth and pragmatic in providing investment and investment services.We should further optimize the project tracking service mechanism, actively provide door-to-door services, closely follow the whole process of project signing, implementation and production, and ensure that projects are completed, put into operation and yield benefits at an early date.In short, improving the business environment is crucial to the economic and social development of our city, and the construction of a business environment is always on the way!Guangxi Chongzuo Investment Promotion Bureau