The Ministry of Emergency Management: recently there was a large range of rain and snow weather, all regions strengthen consultation and study to prepare for the prevention and response

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According to the meteorological department forecast, from February 11 to 13, China has a large range of rain and snow weather process from west to east, northern Xinjiang, central and eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, central and eastern Northwest region, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, most of North China, most of the northeast region, there are small to medium snow or sleet, among which,Beijing, Tianjin, central and northern Hebei, northern Shanxi, central and southern Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Yili Valley and other places have heavy snow, local snow.From May 14 to 15, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, most of North China, northern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin and most of Liaoning will have light snow, with moderate snow locally.On February 12, Red Star news reporters learned from the Ministry of Emergency Management that in the morning of February 12, the Ministry of Emergency Management organized a special video conference scheduling meeting, and discussed the decision with the China Meteorological Administration, and contacted the emergency management departments and bureaus of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Guizhou and other 11 provinces, as well as the fire rescue corps and the forest fire corps.All localities will be deployed to prepare for and respond to this round of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather.Zhou Xuewen, vice minister of emergency management department, presided over the meeting.The meeting pointed out that this round of rain and snow process affected a wide range, a large amount of snow, a large drop in temperature, especially at the peak of the Winter Olympics and Spring Festival travel rush, disaster prevention and response work is of great significance.The meeting stressed the need to further strengthen ideological understanding and responsibility implementation.Strengthen risk awareness and bottom-line thinking, timely launch emergency response in accordance with the emergency plan, strengthen the arrangement, deployment, supervision and inspection, layer upon layer compaction work responsibility.Consultation, analysis and information release should be further strengthened.We will pay close attention to weather changes, hold regular consultations with relevant departments of meteorology, transport and energy, strengthen information sharing, and accurately determine disaster risks and development trends.We will actively coordinate with relevant departments to widely issue tips on disaster prevention and avoidance through various channels, and do a good job in the safety management of people’s travel, the use of coal, electricity and gas, and the Winter Olympics.Emergency preparedness and rescue efforts should be further strengthened.Urge relevant departments and enterprises of transportation, energy, industry and information technology, and heat supply to make preparations for emergency rescue teams, preparation of equipment and facilities for de-icing and snow removal, material supply and communications guarantee, water supply, power supply, gas supply, heating and expert support.We will focus on key areas where rain, snow and freezing disasters have a negative impact on people’s work and life, and accurately pre-deploy emergency rescue forces and materials and equipment to quickly and effectively deal with emergencies and disasters.We will strengthen disaster relief for the affected people and promptly allocate relief materials to ensure a warm and safe winter.To further strengthen emergency guard and information reporting.We will strictly implement the 24-hour duty system and the leadership shift system, immediately report major dangers and disasters, and promptly deal with unexpected disasters.It is reported that on February 11, the Ministry of Emergency Management issued a notice to the relevant regions, requiring the strengthening of consultation and analysis, information release, emergency preparedness and rescue and other work measures, effectively do a good job in the prevention and response of low-temperature rain, snow and ice disaster.Red Star news reporter Zhang Yanliang Beijing report editor Chai Chang (download red star news, the report has a prize!