Smile dead!A 24-year-old Chinese speed skater who won the gold medal was removed from a group chat by her teacher, who handed in her homework for help

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has been successfully held, so far, China has won 1 gold medal.The latest medal table, Norway won two gold and one silver MEDALS temporarily ranked first, Sweden also won two gold MEDALS, Russia and Austria team won five MEDALS, two silver and two bronze MEDALS, temporarily ranked third.China is currently in ninth place with one gold medal.Next, “Frog princess” Gu Ailing will compete, she is the favorite to win the Chinese delegation to win the second gold medal, come on.The Chinese short track speed skating team lived up to expectations, beating the South Korean team, the United States team, the Italian team and so on, and got a precious gold medal. Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei, Fan Kxin, Zhang Yuting, Qu Chunyu and other five people played well. They helped the Chinese delegation to win the gold medal of the men’s and women’s 2000 meters mixed relay race, and reached the highest podium.It is worth mentioning that just recently, an interesting piece of news came out.Ren Ziwei, who helped China’s short track speed skating team to a gold medal, was reportedly removed from the group chat by her school teacher. What happened?According to a screenshot circulated on the Internet, Ren Ziwei was in a group of classmates, asking them to help him hand in his homework. Ren ziwei said, “I didn’t know there was a group for this course until yesterday, so I joined it.If the homework can still be submitted, please help me to submit it to the teacher. It has been sent to your email. If it is impossible, please forget it.After Ren ziwei spoke in the group, his classmates took pictures of him one after another.Ren ziwei is now thoroughly famous, and he is also a celebrity of the school.According to Ren Ziwei, he was removed from the group chat by his teacher and could not contact the teacher directly for the time being, so he asked his classmates to help him hand in his homework.Ren Ziwei was removed from the group chat by the teacher.Maybe the teacher didn’t know much about Ren Ziwei and thought he was late in handing in his homework, so he kicked him out of the group chat, which also became an interesting topic for ren Ziwei’s classmates to talk about after dinner.After the Winter Olympics, Ren ziwei went back to school, explained to his teacher, and should be able to enter the group chat.Ren ziwei is already a professional athlete, but his situation is similar to that of Olympic champion Yang Qian, who won her gold medal during the summer vacation while Ren ziwei won her gold medal during the winter vacation.Ren Ziwei is only 24 years old this year, studying in Beijing Sport University, is a class of 2021 master of competitive Sports College.He just started his graduate school last year, but he may have been preparing for the Winter Olympics.As early as 17 years old, Ren ziwei already won the world junior short track speed skating relay. After winning the world championship, Ren ziwei joined the national team.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Ren ziwei helped The Chinese team to the second place in the relay, which was also a very good result.Now, Ren ziwei has gone one step further and won glory for his country by becoming an Olympic champion. I believe his family, relatives, classmates and teachers will be very proud of him.In the next short track speed skating events, Ren ziwei is still a gold medal favorite, hope he can continue his efforts to get more MEDALS.