Passion and ice flying youth | Li Lingshu: Shanghai’s power in ice and snow in the Winter Olympic Games

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Li Lingshu is the international technical officer of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. She is also China’s first deputy curling timekeeper. She represents the first time for Chinese curling referees to take part in the Olympic Curling competition.In addition, Li lingshu is also an associate professor and master’s supervisor of the Physical Education Department of Shanghai International Studies University. She is a pretty figure both on campus and outside.She has made her unique contribution to ice and snow sports in China on behalf of Shanghai.Thanks to the policy of “North Ice And South Exhibition”, curling is also called ice Chess.It takes into account not only the physical strength of the athletes, but also the extraordinary mental capacity of the athletes.”To take a very simple example, curling is usually played by four players on the field, and each base person is very important.At first base, for example, he had to decide if he was going to throw his first pot for protection, for space, for some other purpose than I had to throw it into the base camp.Curling requires tactics and a lot of thought, so it’s very mental.”Li Lingshu introduced.When Li Lingshu, a young graduate student, came to Shanghai International Studies University, she specialized in calisthenics and did not know curling.”I got to know curling because of the policy of the Exhibition of ice from north to South.My boss thought I was flexible, didn’t have a family and had plenty of time to learn a new project.””I told the department head that I was happy to do it.Therefore, with the support of the leadership, I went to learn curling and became the coach of our school curling team. I found that I gradually fell in love with this sport, and the relationship with curling became deeper and deeper.”According to the introduction, there are different kinds of curling referees.To distinguish internationally recognized posts, there are chief judge, deputy chief judge.In addition, the most important are the referee, as well as the chief timekeeper and deputy timekeeper.”As the referees are very important, their main task is to manage the track they are responsible for, including some emergency measures and communication with the athletes.””But for the chief timekeeper and deputy chief timekeeper in charge of the timing table, we have to manage four lanes at the same time, and we need to be very focused.”As an international technical officer, Li Lingshu has presided over more than 40 competitions at home and abroad.Now, when Li received an email from the Hulian Olympic Committee telling her she could be a referee at the Winter Olympics, she told reporters, “I was really excited and very excited.Because it means that our Chinese referees have been recognized by the HUlian or the world.I immediately reported and communicated with the General Administration of Sport of China and winter Sports Center.It was the strength of my country that gave me this opportunity.”Li lingshu has made full preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The reporter noticed that she always carried a small notebook full of dense words and pictures, as well as transcription in English.”In order to better communicate with international referees and improve my work efficiency, the notebook is bilingual,” Li told reporters.It contains instructions for every step of the new Olympic system, including how it works and what timekeepers must be reminded to do at each event.I also want to see how well they do, how emergencies are resolved, etc.Now I have eaten them one by one and will take them to the Olympic Games in Beijing.”With the help of the “Tech Olympics”, this year’s Winter Olympics curling arena will face a new technology software – Omega system.Despite some minor missteps during the Beijing Winter Olympics test event, officials at the venue and international technical representatives said the event was more rewarding.”We are constantly challenging ourselves and growing.It’s normal to have a small mistake, we just have to fix it in time, that’s good.I was quite nervous to say the least, but now I feel confident.”Li said with a smile, “I must be in a very energetic and full state to face the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.”Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) has offered curling as an elective course for the entire university since 2011.”I remember the first time I chose a course, the staff was full, curling is very popular among college students.””Everyone was very excited to have snow and ice in the curriculum in south China, and it was on campus,” Li recalled.After the class, a lot of people texted me and said, ‘We’re so excited about curling and learning such a new skill.'” In the second semester, another student complained to Li lingshu, “Just two minutes after the opening of the course selection, I can no longer choose the course. Curling is so popular.”Teamwork is the most important part of curling.Because each pot is a preparation for the next pot, we need to cooperate to complete the competition, which is particularly important.Therefore, curling is a great test of our teamwork ability.”My students are crazy about curling.It’s not difficult to get started, but most of the students feel the pleasure of curling, and it helps them bond with each other. In particular, some students told me that they like to take curling classes in the summer as a way to escape the heat.”Faced with Shen’s enthusiasm for ice sports, Li lingshu thinks this is to be expected.In the meantime, she hopes the “ice fever” will continue.To this end, Li is currently preparing a series of ice and snow sports courses.”After the course is shot, there will be some platforms for curling fans to learn the history, rules and other knowledge of ice and snow sports.”At the same time, she said of Beijing 2022: “I hope we can do our best and keep zero mistakes in this position.Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai Trainee reporter Cui Zirun/article xu Yifei/video editor lu Tianyi