Fenyang: “Earth cola” grows “gold bumps”

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Luliang city adheres to the lead of the party, develop the village-level collective economy as strengthen grass-roots party organization cohesive force, improve the ability of village-level organizations serve important gripper, support guide, give full play to township, the village party organization adjust measures to local conditions to play politics, organization, characteristics and advantages, explores the characteristic industry, activate assets, activate the land, such as different development paths,It has formed a variety of models that can be used for reference, copy and promotion, and has played a leading role in demonstration.Gufutu village is located in the outskirts of Fenyang City, with 348 villagers, a total population of 1032 people, and a cultivated land of 2200 mu.Under the party branch there are 3 party groups, 35 party members, is a leading agriculture, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry go hand in hand in Pingchuan village.The main approach is to actively adjust agricultural industrial institutions in Gufutu Village in combination with geographical and climatic conditions. The village “two committees” lead the establishment of “village collective + cooperative + peasant households”, with a entrusted service land area of 3,800 mu, involving 628 peasant households.According to the needs of the land trusteeship production scale, the cooperative has 8 professional agricultural machinery, 27 mu of experimental field, 65 varieties of experimental crops, to provide farmers with “cultivation, planting, management, harvesting, adding, storage, sales” one-stop “nanny” full trusteeship service.Through unified procurement, unified rotary tillage, unified sowing, unified harvesting and unified sales, cooperatives carry out large-scale land operation, scientific planting, mechanized operation, specialized services and market sales, and provide “nanny” services for farmers in the whole process of “prenatal, mid-delivery and post-delivery”.This year also unified promotion of new varieties, the implementation of standardized production, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs per mu cost reduced by 25%, so that farmers professional cooperatives quickly entered the fast lane of rapid economic development.The establishment of the basic productive land hosting cooperatives, fully release the potential of large-scale production and commercial service, not only effectively solve the production of agricultural machinery and a variety of one land each field, the contradictions between traditional decentralized production and operation, and promoted the agricultural production towards industrialization, intensive development, improve the efficiency of agricultural production, promote the farmers increase production.The promotion of new varieties, while achieving cost saving and efficiency improvement, effectively improve the output and quality of agricultural products, completely liberate farmers from heavy manual labor, effectively reduce the cost of agricultural production and the operation risk of farmers, and realize the “double growth” of collective and farmer’s economy.The collective income of the village will reach 650,000 yuan in 2020 and exceed 1 million yuan in 2021.(Luliang Communist Party member)