A bottle of white wine sold 58600 yuan day price to listen to the flower wine after all “expensive” where

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Recently, the “sky-high price” of a bottle of tanyuan wine has attracted the attention of the market because it claims to have the functions of “dropping the mouth and promoting the body” and “tasting with all senses”.Is listening to flower wine worth the price or a marketing gimmick?Many insiders think that the so-called “innovation” or concept of listening to flower wine is subjective knowledge and has no scientific basis, which violates the general rules of the industry.And in the eyes of legal personage, food claims function is suspected of illegal.In view of the above questions, the reporter contacted the flower wine producers and distributors for interviews, until the press, did not receive their reply.Doubt one: can wine quality “hear” come out?It is understood that Tandinghua wine is produced by Yibin Tandinghua Wine Development Co., LTD. (formerly Yibin Lianglu Wine Co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as Tandinghua Wine, Lianglu Wine), and distributed by Xizang Spring Wine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qinghai Spring, and the chief designer is Zhang Xuefeng, chairman of the listed company Qinghai Spring.The reporter found on its official website that the official flagship store is selling 4 products, which can be divided into maotai-flavor type and luzhou-flavor type. The specifications are 750 ml, and the price of the standard package is 5,860 yuan, while the price of the boutique package is 58,600 yuan.According to the publicity article “Whether wine is Good or not can be heard”, Listening to flower wine creates the “five-step and five-sense appreciation method”, which introduces hearing and touch into the tasting process and carries out “whole-sense appreciation” through listening, watching, smelling, burning and tasting.’Listening to flowers’ is a breakthrough in traditional Chinese baijiu techniques, Mr. Zhang said.’ You can tell if the wine is good or not. ‘The official website of Tinghuajiu declares that “Tinghuajiu is a legendary brewing technique”, and that tinghuajiu’s hops “burst with even and delicate sound, dense and powerful, as vibrant as spring rain, deducing a harmonious melody of perfect balance between full-bodied and rich flavor ingredients”.Hop, by contrast, “crackles with varying degrees of intensity, with occasional crackles like a spluttering pan.”Can you really tell the quality of the wine?In this regard, CAI Xuefei, an expert from the Chinese wine industry think tank, believes that the quality of wine is determined by many factors, and Chinese wine is a flavor drink with strong personal preference, which can not be judged by a subjective evaluation.”In my knowledge, I have never heard of wine being judged solely by hops.”Ouyang Qianli, secretary general of wine branch of shandong Province association of individual private enterprises, told China Consumer News that judging wine is good or bad, academically speaking, “look at color, smell, taste, judge case”.Listening flower wine to meet the academic requirements, but also increased the public “curious” tasting way, is marketing tactics, rather than marketing strategy.Suspect 2: Can produce fluid and reduce alcohol harm?Listen to take a liquor in the propaganda put forward the new concept of “nourish” liquor “, announced a multidisciplinary technology is introduced into the industry, in inheriting traditional solid-state fermentation liquor advantage, familiar with alcohol alcohol for secondary fermentation, distillation concentration, realize the system of “gain” of wine, and special emphasis on the process “that activate the parasympathetic nerve and fall mouth fluid, reducing alcohol damage to human body”.According to the information on the official website of Tanguanjiu, tanguanjiu RESEARCH and development team lasted for 4 years, and after 3091 trial production of the scheme, “created the liquor production gain process, obtained 3 national invention patents and 6 invention patents under review”.However, the reporter on March 25 in the relevant platform inquiry found that the current listen to flower wine industry patents are still cool dew wine industry period application for cool dew wine production technology for invention patents.Duanhua Wine Industry was formerly lianglu Wine Industry, and was renamed Duanhua Wine Industry on October 20, 2020.The patent was applied for on January 24, 2018, involving “cooling mouth liquor and its preparation method”, “method of removing the mint flavor in menthol”, “method of preparing cooling mouth liquor by strengthening koji”, etc.The reporter also found that the current appearance patents used in huaxu bottles were all applied for by the Yanyong Lianglu liquor industry in September 2019.The reporter learned that there are many ingredients in the ingredients list of listening flower wine, such as maotai-flavor products in addition to maotai-flavor liquor, water, jade bamboo, kudzu root and a large number of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.Related traditional Chinese medicine professionals in an interview with China Consumer News, jade bamboo, kudzu root as a traditional Chinese medicine, itself has the effect of promoting fluid and quenching thirst, but the two drugs are relatively peaceful, the effect of promoting fluid and quenching thirst varies from person to person.Xiao Zhuqing, a liquor marketing expert, believes that the liquor industry is a fully competitive market, and consumers have a good understanding of the identification standards and technology of good wine.It may be difficult to reap the “INTELLIGENCE tax” from consumers in the liquor industry with the information asymmetry of the health product industry.Alcohol is one of the world health organization’s international agency for research on cancer (iarc) defined by the class 1 carcinogen, and for the enterprise “to reduce alcohol damage to human body,” said Cai Xuefei, just need to wine as the People’s Daily consumer goods, belongs to food, food safety matter, any enterprise puts forward relevant selling point should be open and transparent accept the supervision of public opinion,And provide the corresponding scientific research data, so as to benefit the interests of the brand, in line with the long-term development of the enterprise.In an interview with China Consumer News, Wang Deliang, director of the wine research and development Department of the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, directly said that some of these “innovations” or concepts of the wine violate the general rules of the industry, and some are entirely subjective and have no scientific basis.Doubt three: have “men and women with spring” effect?Reporter noticed, listen to flower wine in a number of propaganda articles called its “liquor”.According to the new national standards for baijiu, which will be put into effect in June, tin-hua liquor will be classified as dew liquor.In the meantime, the reporter inquired recently discovery, did not see to have national health care food special mark on its outer packing “blue cap”, listen to flower wine did not obtain health care food batch number at present.However, the promotion of flower wine emphasizes “function”.As early as last year, some claims about flower wine as an aphrodisiac, immune booster and sleep enhancer began to spread online.Among them, at the beginning of 2021, Yibin Tanyuanjiu held a “Seminar on Liquor Health Under the Guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory” online, and released a briefing on the results of an exploratory study on the Influence of Drinking Tanyuanjiu on Adult Male body Function.The report showed that healthy adult male volunteers who drank 50mL of flower wine a day for seven days showed significant increases in immune indicators, the proportion of deep sleep and the level of nitric oxide, which guarantees erectile function.The company also conducted experiments on adult women, and the results showed that listening to flower wine can effectively enhance women’s sexual happiness.Zhang Xuefeng also publicly said that men and women drinking research results show that there is a “male and female with spring” effect, just listen to flower wine to activate the human parasympathetic nerve after one of the health value.In this regard, CAI Xuefei said that the parent company of Tanyuan Wine, Qinghai Spring, has a background in making health care products, so it cannot be ruled out that Tanyuan wine has corresponding research technology. However, from the perspective of wine drinking, advocating health care function in liquor is not appropriate, does not conform to industry practices, nor is it a rigorous and scientific attitude of wine making.”There is a high level of concern about ordinary food function claims that are not allowed under current laws and regulatory requirements.Some of the claims that are basic attributes of food, such as low GI (high sugar), low salt, low allergenicity, etc., companies are now hoping to break through and make it easier for consumers to choose.”Duan Shenglin, vice president of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, said.Su Hongpeng, a law professor at the University of International Business and Economics and director of the Consumer Protection Law Research Center, said that any kind of food promotion should not involve disease prevention or treatment.Listening to flower wine is drinking wine, belonging to ordinary food.When the Food Safety Law clearly stipulates that food is not a commodity for therapeutic purposes, the jangju industry’s research on the effects of jangju drinking on the body function of adult men violates the law itself. Even if the research results are concluded, they are also typical pseudoscientific results and cannot be regarded as reliable.Duanhua Wine also issued a briefing on the pseudoscientific results, claiming that duanhua wine has therapeutic effects on both male and female sexual functions, and its behavior has constituted false publicity, misled consumers, and violated the relevant provisions of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law.Su no peng thinks, listen to the flower wine industry in order to seek commercial interests, in the name of research on the therapeutic effect of drinking wine false propaganda, should stop the behavior in time, and according to the relevant legal provisions to be severely punished, maintain food safety order, avoid the majority of consumers cheated.Yang Ziyang, a lawyer from Beijing Long ‘an Law Firm, believes that the “functional” promotion emphasized by Huachu involves disease prevention and treatment functions, which are prohibited by law.As for whether the human experiment report is involved in false propaganda, it depends on the authenticity and objectivity of the data, and the most crucial thing should be the demonstration of the causal relationship between the change of the data and the drinking of the flower wine.(Source: China Consumer News)