3 major recruitment platform recognition!Pacific Homes is a frequent winner of employer brand awards

2022-06-14 0 By

Zhaopin.com’s “China’s Best Employers 2021” list has been released.Pacific (601099) housing was awarded the “TOP30 best employers in Shanghai” of the 2021 China annual best employers award, recognized in terms of growth and development, organizational management, corporate culture, compensation and benefits.This is the second time for Pacific House to win the Employer Brand Award, following the “2021 Kingship · Most Talented Employer Award” and the “2022 Outstanding Human Resource Management Award” awarded by BOSS Direct Hire.Why does Pacific Housing win the employer brand award so frequently?This is closely related to the iteration of Pacific Housing’s talent strategy in recent years.Talent upgrading strategy has always been the core fulcrum of quality upgrading of Pacific Housing. It is the direction of Pacific Housing to make employees “secure income and promising growth”.Since announcing that it will comprehensively improve the quality of brokers in 2020, Pacific House has been constantly optimizing the talent structure, relying on professional training and “one belt, one mentoring system”, creating a good growth path and career atmosphere for brokers, and doing a good job in “selection, employment, training and retention” of talents, and building the talent echelon of the enterprise.Talent strategy keywords: optimize the talent structure to solve the problems in real estate brokerage talent, attract the industry elite like-minded and new forces in the Pacific houses, in 2021, the Pacific houses with hundreds of colleges and universities cooperation, including east China normal university, donghua university, zhengzhou university, anhui university, yangzhou university, yunnan university of finance and economics and so on.This is not only a milestone in the upgrading of the Pacific housing talent supply chain, but also indicates that the real estate brokerage industry has become the choice of more and more highly educated talents in today’s increasingly standardized industry.In 2021, Pacific Housing will launch “Spark Plan”, “X Plan”, “Kunpeng Plan”, “Voyage Plan” and other training programs in succession. By strengthening training, Pacific Housing will escort the growth of new recruits and elites.Bring good growth path and professional atmosphere to employees.In Pacific House, agents can choose the challenge of a two-channel career ladder. No matter which career path they choose, they have a clear career development plan, a fair and transparent promotion system and a promotion opportunity once every three months.In 2021, Pacific Housing organization has accumulated more than 100 internal competitions, implementing the promotion system of internal training supervisors, without airborne forces, creating more development space for each broker actively, so that each striver can be rewarded.The arrival of the “Internet” era has enhanced the ability of real estate brokerage to adapt to online and offline scenarios of products and services, and the upgrading of consumers’ demand for service experience is also forcing practitioners to upgrade their personnel quality.As of March 11, 2022, 78.88% of Pacific Realtors have college degree or above, which further strengthens the competitiveness of Pacific Realtors’ core talents in the industry and drives the talent upgrading of the whole industry.In the new era and new brokerage, Pacific House will keep pace with The Times and innovate talent strategy. In the future, Pacific House will continue to increase talent investment, broaden talent recruitment channels, and realize the “two-way going” between enterprises and talents.