Lakers 0 trade!Pelinka is not convinced. He wants to focus on buying the market

2022-06-13 0 By

While the Pacers, Wizards and Celtics went on a trading spree, the Lakers were remarkably calm, and the trade deadline passed without any lakers trades, which is surprising given the number of rumors that have been circulating since the beginning of the season involving more than 30 players.Under the circumstances, fans are questioning the lakers’ management.It took less than a week for the simmons and Harden rumors to become reality. That’s what good management does.To make matters worse, Pelinka told a big lie.According to lakers reporters, he didn’t have any communication with James or Bryant before the trade deadline, and he publicly said that the lakers’ 0-0 deal was done with the approval of the team, which is a quick move.It also reflects that the lakers have a lot of problems that can’t just be solved by trading Westbrook.Anyway in the hearts of fans, the Lakers from the championship is more and more far, let a person can not see any hope.It wasn’t just the fans who questioned the lakers’ move, it was even the NBA’s bigmouth, who laughed during a show in which Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson made fun of the lakers’ 0-0 trade.In addition, NBA Central also showed lebron James covering his eyes, apparently the Lakers’ operation is not enough to watch.Musesteat also asked rhetorically: Which is the bigger loss for the Lakers to not do anything in the trade market after losing to the D-League’s Portland Trail Blazers?Palin card also has his intentions, however, trading power must be less a garbage contract reinforcements, if sold the first-round draft picks, so less would really deal didn’t go out, is really in a dilemma, and blessing for less in the next half can play good grades, like in the wizards last season to lead no bill’s team in the playoffs.Pelinka, of course, has his own agenda, and he is prepared to focus on the buyout market.With dragic, Schroder, Gary Harris, Benbury, Bledsoe, Millsap, Muscala, Satoransky and TT-Thompson all likely to be bought out by their new owners, there’s no doubt this is the lakers’ last chance.However, several of them are almost already booked, with Dragic likely to join the Mavericks, Silas deciding to keep Gerhard schroder, and personally believing that Benbury, Bledsoe and Millsap all fit into the lakers system, they are just victims of trade.Of course, the buyout market is just as competitive, and the Lakers will get nowhere if they remain submissive.Which of these players do you think the lakers will get?