12 strong match qualifying situation: The National football team is out of Iran South Korea if win advance

2022-06-13 0 By

Beijing time on January 27, the news, Qatar World Cup qualifiers Asia round 12 round 7 is about to start, after the first six rounds of matches, the situation of the round of 12 is gradually clear, in group A, Iran, South Korea almost lock to advance, win this round can advance.In Group B, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are the top three, with Only five points and a slim chance of qualification.Saudi Arabia top Group B with 16 points from five wins and a draw, four points ahead of Japan and five points ahead of third-placed Australia, while China have only five points from their first six games and only a theoretical chance of qualifying.Saudi Arabia, which will play Oman at home in the round of 12, are unbeaten and are well on their way to qualifying with four games to go. A win would almost guarantee a top two place in their group and a place in the World Cup finals.In this round, Australia will face Vietnam, which has lost six games in a row, and will likely send its opponents to seven consecutive defeats.This means that once The National football team lost to Japan, the difference with Australia will reach 9 points, and the current goal difference is a huge disadvantage, no doubt equal to three rounds of early announcement out, the new national football team’s first show will usher in a life and death battle.