Spring Festival Gala: National style skits become bright point, traditional crosstalk is too sad

2022-06-12 0 By

Spring Festival Gala: National style skits into bright point, traditional crosstalk too decline!New Year’s Eve break routine, stay up late to watch the Spring Festival Gala, in a beaming, gorgeous and colorful visual farewell xin Ugly, ushered in the Year of the Tiger.The average TV audience rating of the Spring Festival Gala was 21.93 percent.A total of 4.932 billion hits were made by new media direct-on-demand users, a significant increase from last year, and the number of hits reached 360 million.To say the biggest highlight of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, is “only this green”, “Memory of jiangnan” these two Chinese style music plays.The play uses music, dance, poetry, painting and original ecological scene performance to reveal the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Through the deep integration of science and technology and culture, it creates a beautiful and amazing visual effect in unreal and realistic, highlighting the integration and innovation of Chinese cultural heritage and aesthetic pursuit of The Times.Both programs are quaint yet modern, refreshing and unforgettable.With the best comes the worst.The popularity of musical shows the decline of crosstalk works.This Spring Festival gala two crosstalk, obscure, no joke.The first time on the Spring Festival Gala Lu Xin, Yu Hao two young cross talk flirty, blindly use body language, grandstanding, and lost the charm of language, a little “degenerate” into the meaning of errenzhuan.Crosstalk master Jiang Kun set the record of being the oldest man to perform in the Spring Festival Gala at the age of 72, and has a good reputation among the masses. However, this time he was disappointed. His work “Talking in Dialect” was obscure and hard to hear, which was really lack of jokes.Spring Festival Gala. Millions of happy New Year, an exception to stay up to watch the Spring Festival Gala.Chinese style plays into bright point, to show the sense of science and innovation.Only this green memory jiangnan, ancient rhyme only beautiful praise.Difficult to understand crosstalk, decline has become errenzhuan!The Year of the Tiger is fun