Old Zhengzhou childhood those can blow can play gadgets

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Looking at today’s children playing the piano, violin, saxophone, etc., Guo Guilan couldn’t help but think of our children in zhengzhou, 50 or 60 years old play, blowing objects.”Skin tiger”, in today’s words, it belongs to the “fur toy”, with fur sewn into the shape of a tiger, the tiger belly installed with a pronunciation device, with the hand down swing, the tiger’s head up and down activities, and issued a “woo wow” call, this is children’s play will sound toys.”Baoku” is made of earth and fired with glaze applied inside and outside.Its shape is various, tiger shape, pig shape, dog shape, the most is rooster shape.Fill it with water and blow on the hollow tail of a tiger, a pig, a dog, or a cock, making a purring sound.Most of the musicians are preschoolers.Tartar Pipe is made of bamboo as thick as a thumb and five or six inches long. Six holes are drilled into the bamboo and a thin reed is installed in the abdominal cavity.Those who can’t blow can make a squeak, and those who can play music.Tartar Pipe is usually played by teenagers.”Liuli luobo” is a hollow tube as thin as paper, as thin as your little finger and as long as a foot. The top of the tube is expanded like the bottom of a gourd.”Glass luo bang” thin wall, mouth to the tube blowing, compressed air can make the glass crackling sound, clear and pleasant.But glass cough bang is too “thin gas”, hard to blow easily broken, old zhengzhou said someone spoiled will say “not as good as that glass cough bang, glass cough bang also blow three miles.”Taoki, Tartar pipe and glaze tartar pipe are all sold only in Festivals and festivals and you have to spend money to buy them.Old Zhengzhou people – kids at that time were mainly homemade Tartar Pipe, homemade Tartar pipe is made of rich material and is used all over the world.In the spring, the willow trees on the bank of the Jinwater River spired. Fold a willow branch and the boys twist it a few times to make a “Willow Tartar Pipe”, purring when blowing, and then run around with a group of half-grown children;In summer, the locust tree on the wall of the old city is luxuriating in branches and leaves. Bold children climb up the tree and pick up locust leaves and paste them on their faces to play with their younger brothers and sisters. They fold the big and long leaves in two sides and blow them in their mouths.On autumn mornings, a thin mist hangs over the green curtains at the edge of the city, dewdrops roll on the dark green corn leaves, tassels of sorghum sway like flags in the wind, and weeds drag the trousers of pedestrians along the paths.At this time, all kinds of crops, weeds and leaves in the field are good tartar pipe material. I pick a piece and fold it in half and put it in my lips. Then a squeaking sound goes up and down with the sound of a katydid in the bean field.Fifty or sixty years have passed, zhengzhou has developed from a small city with no distinction between urban and rural areas into a modern metropolis, and people’s food, use and play have undergone earth-shaking changes.Some old objects have disappeared, some have entered museums and folklore villages as historical relics, and some remain forever in our memories, memories and thoughts.Article pictures from the web editor: Zhi Sen