Laptop battery “external”, speed of 130W bidirectional fast charge energy storage power evaluation

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Compared with the desktop computer, the biggest advantage of notebook is that it is light and easy to carry. It can be carried with you when you go out for work or study.However, it also has its own shortcomings, namely the inability to achieve long battery life, especially in the light and light laptops, which tend to make further sacrifices in battery life.Because of this pain point, Mobile has launched several quick charging sources designed for outdoor power storage of laptops.For the brand of speed, I believe you are no stranger, it is a consumer-oriented wholly-owned brand of Aohai Technology, committed to mobile phone accessories, storage around, relying on charging industry giant Aohai technology parent company’s mature technology and research and development, product quality has a very good guarantee.So today, acceleration to share for you is the speed of 130W two-way fast charging mobile power supply, let us understand its advantages together.From the packaging box alone, we can see several selling points advantages of 130W speed bidirectional fast charge mobile power supply, that is, support the maximum power output of 130W, suitable for notebook.And for business travel purposes, this product meets the requirements of the plane.Accessories, in addition to the mobile power host, product manual and warranty card, there is also an internal SUPPORT for 100W C-to-C fast charging data line.Since it is specially designed to provide outdoor power supply for notebook, the 130W bidirectional fast charging mobile power supply has very good volume and weight control. The size of the whole machine is 131*83*26mm, and the weight is 425g.In order to highlight the size advantage, the author made a comparison between it and the Redmi K30 in hand. Its thickness is slightly the height of three mobile phones, its width is not too different from that of mobile phones, and its body length is shorter than that of mobile phones.On the whole, as a 20000mAh large-capacity mobile power supply, such volume indeed greatly improves the portability of going out.It is not only excellent in portability, but also has rich interface design for the 130W bidirectional fast charge mobile power supply based on actual use.One side of the product contains two Type-C interfaces and A USB-A interface. It is worth noting that C1 and C2/USB-A adopt dual independent circuit design.In other words, the 130W bidirectional fast charge mobile power supply can meet the demand of double fast charge for multiple devices.From the actual experience, the highest output power of Type-C1 can be up to 100W, which can be used for notebook charging, while type-C2 can achieve 30W power output. When these two interfaces work at the same time, the output power of the mobile power supply of bidirectional fast-charging can reach 130W.In addition to the above case, when Type — C1 and USB-A are output at the same time, the medium output power of the mobile power supply with speed shifting bidirectional fast charge can also reach 122.5W.In general, the product supports multi-device access in terms of high speed and fast charging.In order to further intuitively understand the output of this mobile power supply, the author uses a voltage ammeter to test its parameters.First of all, trigger protocol detection is carried out on the speed bidirectional mobile power supply. From the test, type-C1 interface of the speed bidirectional mobile power supply supports PD3.0 100W charging, QC2.0, QC3.0, etc.For actual output power, it’s 100W full load output.Under such a fast charging condition, the author did a charging test for the Honor Magic Book at home with this speed shifting bidirectional mobile power supply, and it was found that it only took about 1 hour from 20% low power to 100% full power.As for the speed shifting bidirectional mobile power supply itself, it supports 65W input power and only takes one and a half hours to complete a full recharge.Above we have mentioned, moving speed of two-way mobile power support multiple interface used at the same time, so in everyday use, it besides can give notebook mobile charger, also can give a mobile phone or other wear equipment such as charging, especially thanks to the strong compatibility, the android devices in the home and the apple device can be normal use.For example, it can charge the Glory Magic Book for about one time, and the iPhone 13 can charge for about three hours.It is worth noting a small detail in the appearance design. On the same side of the charging interface, the speed shifting bidirectional mobile power supply also adds a digital display window of the remaining electric quantity. Compared with the previous indicator light display, we can have a clearer understanding of the remaining electric quantity.Of course, in order to ensure that each output end can work stably, the speed moving bidirectional mobile power supply also added nine safety protection, such as overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, etc..So, in terms of safe charging, the speed shift bidirectional mobile power supply is really excellent.From the use of a period of time, this speed bidirectional mobile power supply, the author is very recommended that everyone is equipped with a notebook for their own.Because whether it is to go out to work or study, the 20000mAh large capacity body of the speed bidirectional mobile power supply is like a mobile “power station”, which can solve the battery life problem of notebook, mobile phone and other digital products in one stop.In particular, the 100W fast charging interface can quickly alleviate the low battery situation of the notebook, which is really very practical.