Jiangsu Xinyu custom Wenzhou outdoor landscape lamp garden landscape district road night lighting

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With the improvement of the level of social and economic development and the acceleration of the urbanization process, residential areas have been springing up.As a part of the community living environment, street nightview lighting has attracted more and more attention from the society.How to make the street lamp design safe, beautiful and energy saving according to the requirements of urban road nightview lighting design standard is a non-negligible issue.There are four basic forms of arrangement and arrangement of road nightview lighting in the district, that is, unilateral cloth lamp, central cloth lamp (including central single lamp cloth lamp, central symmetrical cloth lamp) staggered cloth lamp and symmetrical cloth lamp, etc.Generally, on the main road, two side lights are used.Double side cloth lamp basically has two kinds of means: one kind is symmetrical decorate, another kind is staggered decorate.Each arrangement has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantage that symmetrically decorates is more beautiful, but insufficient place is illumination is not quite even, suit wider road.Staggered decorate beautiful although be inferior to symmetrical cloth lamp, but illuminance is more even.In consideration of the road night lighting in the residential district to meet the functional premise, more attention should be paid to beauty, can choose some beautiful appearance of the garden lights.The lamp height is 3-4 meters, the power of a single light source should not be too large, and the lamps should not be installed near the window of the first floor of residential buildings to avoid affecting the rest of residents.In the square, parking lot and other large sites in the community, courtyard lights can be selected, as well as butterfly, spherical, mushroom shaped and other high pole lights, but the height of the lamp and light source irradiation Angle should be limited to avoid light pollution.2. Voltage stabilization, voltage reduction, dimming and energy saving In road nightview lighting, the luminous flux of the light source is affected by voltage, resulting in different levels of road illumination in different time periods.In the evening, the peak of power consumption occurs, when the power grid is low, the luminous flux of light source is low, and the illumination of road surface is low.At midnight, the power grid load is at a low point, the power grid voltage is on the high side, the luminous flux from the light source is high, and the road illuminance is high.This kind of unscientific phenomenon not only wastes energy and increases network loss, but also reduces the service life of electric equipment including lamps and lanterns.Therefore, the intelligent light source voltage stabilizer dimming device is installed at the control end of the street lamp to stabilize the voltage, stabilize the luminous flux of the light source and prolong the service life of the lamp.3, the choice of light source type at present, the main types of light source used for street lighting are: metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, and energy saving lamp (compact fluorescent lamp).The high-pressure sodium lamp has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, energy saving, moderate color temperature, etc., and is widely used in street lamps.For roads with a width of more than 8m, truncated or half-truncated functional street lamps should be considered.In the choice of light source, the high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp with high luminous efficiency can be given priority, and the average illumination is generally controlled in 1-5LX.Energy-saving lamps (compact fluorescent lamps) are selected on general roads and branches, and the average illumination should be lower than that on main roads, generally controlled at 0.5-3LX, which can make the whole community rich in hierarchy and provide a soft outdoor environment for low-rise housing.In the greening scenic spots can be used in the combination of courtyard lights and lawn lights in the way of lighting layout, residential communities generally do not consider the use of floodlights to render the environment, because it is easy to cause light pollution to the surrounding residents.Jiangsu xin yu high-tech landscape metal products factory has been in line with the aim of honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, and according to the order requirement, faithfully, to finish the task within the city circle in safety in good condition to send the goods to the customer designated, outside the city circle and around Shanghai city according to the customer request vehicles for transporting or help customers check it.