Is ceramic tile beautiful seam necessary, which kind of filling seam agent, to ceramic tile filling seam ability more beautiful?

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Many friends who have been decorated say that the ceramic tiles in the home are often filled with seams before long, and all the cracks are black.The ceramic tile that buys beautiful originally was covered by rigid seam filling agent good-looking edge corner corner.So what kind of seam filling agent, to tile seam filling can be more beautiful, icing on the cake?1, glass glue: classification is more, generally neutral for ceramics, metals, mirrors, glass adhesive caulking, a variety of colors can be selected, but slightly know the product is easy to mold, cracking.2, ceramic tile caulking agent: ceramic tile caulking agent is often used for toilet and floor tile paving.But the sealant lacks luster, and it is easy to dim and stain over a long time.3, sealant: ceramic tile sealant upgrade products, more decorative and practical, rich color, luster, more natural and delicate.Sealant is divided into epoxy resin and epoxy color sand: 1: the epoxy color sand on the material is mainly epoxy resin and color sand, sealant is mainly epoxy resin and color powder.2: the price of epoxy color sand is more expensive than the United States sealant.3: the construction difficulty is higher than epoxy color sand, but the gap can be filled more full.4: In terms of the effect, the sealant has bright color and good gloss, and the epoxy color sand matt grain has strong texture.5: It is difficult to do as flat as ceramic tile in appearance. Epoxy colored sand can be flat.Fill seam job looks not big, it is to live in the home to have real effect really, fill seam material is used wrong or it is to use inferior material, not only affect beautiful, bring trouble for clean job, return the service life that can affect ceramic tile, lumber to wait, in that way too gain not worth the loss.