Belarus State Conservatory of Music

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The Conservatory of Music of Belarusian State University was founded in 1920 with a history of more than 80 years.Your university, directly under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, is a famous university with a long history, profound faculty and a large number of talents.Your school is a major core of music performance plastic arts and music in Belarus.Your school has 6 departments, 23 teaching and research groups, virtual studio of song and dance drama, Chinese national music room, and scientific research and research section of song industry.The institution has branches in Maglev, Grodina, Brest and Gomeli.Ranked 29th among global music schools in 2015.At the same time, our students participate in various competitions in China and internationally, especially in European countries.Technical Majors and Training Fees College Preparatory Courses:Technical Professional Orientation Training Cost/year (USD) Arrangement technical Professional Arrangement 5150 Guidance technical Professional Academic singing 5150 Electronic organ Technical Professional electronic organ 5150 Bowstring instrument (depending on the party) Cello 51505150 Viola violin bottom note Violin harp 5150 wind instrument Horn 5150 clarinet oboe bassoonFrench horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass horn, saxophone, percussion instrument, Clasp, percussion instrument, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, clasp, claspPush-button electronic organ 5150 Department of Song (according to faction) Instrumental Music (Academic school) 5150 Department of Folk Dance Art (According to faction) Dance Art (Film Director) 5150 Dance Art (Cultural Education) undergraduate Program:Technical professional orientation training guidance technology professional guidance sing (academic) 6850 arranger technology professional arranger 7150 flower department piano 7250 bowed stringed instrument (based on the faction) at the end of 7250 the violin viola cello sound violin din yaxian according the horn 7050 faction oboe clarinet bassoon horn trombone tuba on the bass, saxophone, trumpet percussionInstruments Percussion 7150 Chinese plucked strings,Percussion instruments (faction) based on the classical guitar yangqin barak lycra 7250 jean dobro computer keyboard type button type keyboard instrumental technology (based on the faction) instrumental music (academic) 7150 dance art technology professional according the dance art factions (7050 dance art film director) (cultural education) design (based on the faction) design (music) 6950 Postgraduate links: Art technology major Art 7550 iv.Recruitment interviews are held between February and March of each year (only in JJL).Photocopy of passport visa (passport visa notarization translated into Russian);2. Graduation certificate or Certificate of Study (certificate of study is for students who have not completed their studies at the time of uploading documents);3. The certificate of graduation or certificate of study should be translated into German.4. The total score of each semester’s study and training;5. Notarized transcripts should be translated into Russian;I would like to know a large number of schools and technical professional application qualifications, course content, daily life abroad warmly welcome to follow my account, I can carry out the content of the article and online course upgrade on time, you have all the questions about studying abroad, warmly welcome to help me leave a message on the message board, I can help you explain one by one.At the same time, you are also welcome to visit the enterprise information ~ learn more