You occupy my heart, affecting my read, can not help but miss you, is my constant crazy read

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Love is hard to give up, people are hard to stay, a love when to rest?Ask the wind wind not language, ask snow snow I do not know, snow with the wind dance love around, wind around the snow around love.Dear someone, I miss you so much, an inch of acacia ten million xu, winding around in the bottom of my heart.Looking back at the past, those have your time really good beautiful, an amazing encounter, let me move, let my love, let me be most willing to sink in love for you in the world, do not give up, can not bear to escape.Once upon a time, I really want to hold your hand, feeling the gentle years, in the plain fireworks years, spend every spring and autumn.Once upon a time, I want to be with you side by side, travel through the world of mortals, see the beauty of the wind and moon.Love with you for thousands of years, is my dream, accompany you to keep three, is my original heart, for you, I have made a promise of love – a lifetime a pair of people, generation after generation.I thought that a beautiful encounter would lead to a happy ending, so I filled all my beautiful dreams, such as hiking in the snow with you to find plum trees, cooking with you to cook snow, sharing flowers with you, lingering with you under the moon…, but, love to the end, but still with a lifetime really for the end of life.Edge scattered, you are far away, my world is only scattered not to miss.01 A meet, love life;Once the separation, love life bleak time, time in a day and night in the vicissitudes of life gradually have scars, perhaps you do not know, I eyebrow mark deep appearance, printed too much to your thoughts.Do not forget what you see, if crazy for you, day by day, night by night, missing in every morning bell and drum, year by year, year by year, missing in every season flowers and leaves fall.Thinking of your back away, a heart, or can not help but pain.Accompany you to see the rain falling, accompany you to see the snow, cook tea for you, add clothes for you, to now have become a person I dream of the illusion.Although you are far away from my world, but your name, your good, but deeply engraved in my heart, often think of you, always can not help tears, I know, I would like to think of tears, or because I can not give up the care for you.A meeting, deep love life, once the separation, love lead a lifetime, the rest of my life, I will be in my own world silently miss you, until forever and ever.02 can not help but miss you, is my lifelong obsession there is a love, depressed deeply, dare not see, can not disturb, only in the bottom of my heart deeply miss.I stopped your steps, but can not help but think of your heart.I try not to bother you, but I never miss you.In my head, in my heart, in my dreams, in my dreams.Qingqing son jin, leisurely my heart, but for you so, meditation so far.Dear someone, long time no see, how are you?Are you all right?Are you happy and secure?If the deep feeling can exchange, I would like to run out of all the deep love, in exchange for your life safely, because, only hello, I just feel at ease, if you are well, is sunny!There is a true love called, can not help but miss you, is my life the same obsession.I miss you, I miss you so much. You occupy my heart, affecting my whole life’s yearning for you is endless and endless. I have no chance to be together with you and cannot help each other with you.Dream, one you, one I, we do not pass the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals, find a quiet valley, build a stone house, repair a stone road, I accompany you every morning and evening, you accompany my morning bell drum, I accompany you ups and downs, you accompany me rough and rugged.Leaning on the beauty of the dream, keep the same heart, accompany you in my dream, love you in my heart, a love life, a lifetime to think.Miss you, miss you, time slowly old, deep feeling will never change, to the sky haze, down to the blue sea waves, eyes and all things dust, are you.Miss you, miss you, you occupy my heart, affecting my life, even if no husband and wife, you are the only one I love.There is a deep feeling, call you a lifetime.There is a delusion, that love you unchanged.