The student entrepreneurship team of Hunan Women’s University went to Longshan to carry out practical research on intangible cultural heritage

2022-06-10 0 By

Rednet moment Xiangxi March 16 news (correspondent Yin Hui He Peilmin Wen Zhiyi) heritage of intangible heritage classics, promote national culture.From March 10th to 12th, the student entrepreneurship team of Hunan Women’s University went to Longshan Industrial Development Zone, West Hunan to attend the opening ceremony of Jiba Mei Industry and Education Integration Practice Base in Wuling Mountain Area (Longshan) and the Seminar on collaborative Development of industry and Education Integration.Wen Zhiyi, the entrepreneurship team of Hunan Women’s University, gave a report on female College Students’ Ability of Language Practice and Innovation, which was highly praised by all the experts present.The students accompanied to visit the jibamei production workshop, tujia brocade training center and skill master studio, and participated in the teaching of intangible heritage Tujia brocade taught by the national non-hereditary inheritor Liu Daie.At present, there are 9 members in the entrepreneurial team, 5 of whom have participated in SYB entrepreneurial training courses organized by the school, and have been serving fengshushan Lianhu Primary School, Changjun Yuhua Foreign Language School and Shazitang Donglanwan Primary School after class as intangible cultural heritage lecturers, accumulating experience in innovation and entrepreneurship.Members of the entrepreneurial team said that this practice survey helped students really go out of campus, develop their own innovative thinking, and have a deeper understanding and cognition of entrepreneurial practice.