Life is what it is which TV theme song

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“What I Want” is the theme song of the Hong Kong TV series “No Love for Justice”.The song “What I Want in My Life” is composed by Wang Wenqing and written by Pan Weiyuan. It was originally sung by Chen Baiqiang.Alan Tam covered the song in 1997 and included it in his album Songs We Sang Together.Hong Kong TV drama “justice not allow affection” is by The blue jieying, Huang Rihua, Wen Zhaolun, Carina Lau, Zhou Haimei, Shao Meiqi, Su Xingxuan, He Jiali, Zong Yang, Zhu Chengcai and other people co-starred in the fashion drama.”Intolerable Justice” has created a strong interest in Hong Kong long dramas among mainland audiences.The excellent script of the play and the wonderful performances of many actors make the mainland people feel the shock of “humanization” of Hong Kong modern drama for the first time.In addition to the success of the TV series itself, the theme song of the show, What to Expect in Life, also allows mainland audiences to integrate the fates of the TV series, songs and singers into their memories of the true, the good and the beautiful.It is not only a classic love/hate drama, but also a tragedy.Starting with Mei’s misdemeanor and ending with the criminal prosecution of her son, Ding Youkang, who was born on death row and ended up on the gallows, the series is a penetrating and somewhat brutal look at brotherhood.For the first time in Hong Kong, Mr. Wan succeeds in portraying ding as a man who takes human weakness to the extreme.Compared with huang Rihua’s elder brother Ding Youjian’s self-restraint, love and righteousness, the brotherly drama has since had a standard template that can be copied