High school entrance examination is approaching, how does high school student raise cent?The answer is in this article. Give it a thumbs up

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Last year, I just finished the high school entrance examination, usually in the class, the city key middle school, the high school entrance examination results significantly improved, ranked top 200/1500 people, to the top five in the class.This year, the results of the high school entrance examination compared with a model 2 model increased by about 70 points.That’s 70 points in the last 30 days, moving up from 600 to the top 200.About my learning method, feeling segmentation points or quite effective.Is also in the sprint stage of our teachers often said to us: your efforts in the usual test is not to see any results, as long as you do not give up, it will eventually be reflected in your exam paper!This sentence impressed me most. For example, my physics score was always 50 (out of 70) 30 days before the high school entrance examination, and finally ranked first in class at 68 in the high school entrance examination.The first way to learn is to have a good sleep, without a good sleep your efforts are almost in vain!Because sleep directly affects the state of the next day’s lecture.It is recommended to study until 11:30 at night and go to bed on time.If you are an early riser, you can get up at 5:30 and memorize Chinese, English or some other subjects.Don’t study if you can’t get up!Secondly, a big factor affecting your grades is the quality of the class!Listening to the quality of your class to brush the efficiency of the problem or have a relatively large impact!Especially English class!If your Score in English is average, that is, 120 out of 100, you are between 80 and 90, listen to lectures, take notes, and then brush questions is very effective!Because I belong to sleeping state for a long time in English class, I get poor grades in this section at ordinary times. Finally, I just barely make up for it with great effort.Do the first two points, the last one is brush!In fact, in the final sprint stage, that is, about 50 days in the middle school entrance examination, relying on brush questions to raise points is particularly obvious.Talk about brush topic method: 30 to 20 days before the middle school entrance examination about the bookstore must have to sell topic volume, do not hesitate to buy back points subject began to brush topic Chinese, our Chinese examination paper structure is divided into: word sound glyphs, language ability, extracurricular reading, reading comprehension, ancient poetry and composition.First of all, there is no need to look at the question type of words and sounds, the effect of assault training is very small.Secondly, I haven’t read those books at all. It’s not a waste of time to just give up.Focus is reading comprehension, a small skill: buy a topic paper, only do reading comprehension, do narrative first, even do three, probably think about the answer, think about the answer format and how to find the answer, the summary must be in place!Do the rest of the two papers by yourself and check your answers.Finally use a notebook to record your summary results!In the future, you can turn to your book to see how you summarize.It will work!Ancient poetry on the back of the back, the words of the composition look at those high school entrance examination full marks composition, 45-46 points no too much pressure, basic is not lost.Mathematics, the mathematics examination type is relatively fixed, filling in the blank choice is biased to the foundation.Generally speaking, mathematics brush topic to special topic brush, and finally do the whole volume.For example, I don’t have a good grasp of the 15th question, SO I will take out a few pieces of paper and only do the 15th question.The most important thing is the summary, just like this special training, fill in the blanks can be full marks.The big question actually need not panic, ordinary practice in place is not afraid, the results of the medium should be able to do the big question last question first.Mathematics must have give up, in the subsection of the people give up the following several questions: the last question two three ask, the penultimate second question last ask (of course if time enough or ideas can be done).English, fill in the blanks by brushing quantity, it is suggested to buy a small book to write down the grammar points and words of the wrong topic, it is suggested to see every day!Read the topic and choose words to fill in the blank carefully listen to the teacher, listen to the analysis of train of thought, their own summary practice!It’s important not to sleep in class.History. I did well on the open-book test just by throwing money at open-book materials.Politics, my politics still can all the time (open book examination), can open book adaptation is the key, did not what carry cent experience.Physics, brush, brush!A piece of paper a piece of paper brush, each wrong topic mark, or see the answer to see train of thought, or ask a classmate to ask a teacher, in short each topic must be met!Wrong red pen thinking steps, every day to see!In addition, the knowledge point involved by a mistake must see the whole knowledge point, such as convex lens imaging you are wrong, you should paste the whole imaging rule on the paper.Must brush the amount, I brush about 20 sets (not including the description and detection of the detection of the set of volumes, after all, this is the teacher required to write in class), finally I rely on physics to open the gap with other students.Chemistry, chemistry really did not have zha attention, fortunately, take an examination of chemistry simple ability was not pulled open the gap by the classmates.Where do I get the motivation to continue my study?Bitter, very bitter. Give me a reason to hang on, okay?Maybe there’s no future there’s no future.My method is to give yourself a material reward you want, don’t tell your parents, wait until the results come down to tell them!I want a laptop, and I can only get a free high school with high scores. Maybe this is the reason that motivates me to stick it out.Finally, I bought a laptop from my parents with the transcript.Generally, as long as you survive 30 days, the results are good, your requirements will be satisfied!So when do you start brushing?Make the most of your study time. The last 30 days are most effective.Go to school every day, usually do not write questions in the morning, go to school early in the afternoon, open the classroom air conditioning to take out the paper brush for about 30 minutes, in the classroom than at home high efficiency.Ten minutes between classes, in addition to the toilet is brush questions, every day to reserve a break to relax, the other write questions.Evening self-study meal time, students to eat, I stay in the classroom, there are students to help me bring rice.Go home in the evening to write the paper, this time efficiency should be relatively low, but it is recommended to keep studying before 11:30.Basically one day three time period to write the test paper, three days down three subjects can be finished.In a word, brush, try to stay in school!The above is only for middle section, please detour.Still have, the examination paper case of each province is different, I am henan.Finally, may you become the dark horse of this year’s high school entrance examination!