Family education | Gu Is so successful, what can parents learn from it?

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On February 8, Beijing time, Chinese athlete Gu Ailing won the gold medal with a total score of 188.25 points, winning the third gold medal for China.It was her first gold medal at the Winter Olympics and the first gold medal for a Chinese athlete in the event.So what kind of parenting makes a “gifted girl”?Growth without limits, try all interesting things all-round development, try all interesting things.Since childhood, Gu’s mother has tried her best to expose her daughter to various hobbies: horse riding, basketball, football, cross-country, track and field, skiing, singing, dancing, ballet, piano…Gu Yan, a ski instructor, never asks her daughter to “inherit” her skiing hobby, but encourages her to try more and develop more.”Music, hot pot, sports…Be with something you love, of course!I love the feeling of sweating and the process of challenging myself is great.”These experiences have made her life interesting, and she enjoys it.Gu said: As young people, we are in the fastest learning age, we are full of curiosity, creativity and desire to change the world, our ability is endless.So as long as we exercise well, find what we love in life, and most importantly sleep well and rest well, it all adds up and we really can achieve anything.Find what you’re passionate about, but at the same time push your limits and not be afraid to try new things.Her mother told her from an early age, “You have to try it, the worst thing you can do is you don’t like it, but if you really like it, you’ve earned it.”Maybe because of her various attempts in her childhood, Gu Saw more choices so that she could follow her heart and know what she loves.Skiing, that’s what she loves and loves.A few days ago, Gu Ailing’s mother interviewed clips, although the content is brief, but one thing is impressive.”When I was young, I thought it was a big mistake not to reach 100 percent, but for her, I think it’s ok to master knowledge,” Gu said.No one is perfect, and Chinese education has formed a habit of wanting to be perfect, thinking that imperfections are flaws.Children who do not score 100 on their exams fail;Children in the fifth and sixth grades who have not yet learned junior high math are useless.This causes the parent to push too hard, and the child’s effort, impulse, is used up ahead of time.Gu’s mother said: “I consciously asked Ailing not to be a human being because there was no one.”GuAiLing mother said: “love ling felt that her father is a harvard graduate, I graduated at Stanford, her grandpa is also a Stanford graduate, she felt she must also be in Stamford, every time she said so I told her that you don’t have to Stanford, what school you go on as long as you like, but more importantly a lifetime all don’t give up learning.”There is no need to praise children less for their intelligence and more for their efforts. Regarding the last point, Gu also stressed in the interview, “Genius is a small part for me, but a bigger part is hard work.”Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, grew up in Beijing and studied at Peking University.After graduating from Peking University, Gu Went to the United States to study and worked in Wall Street after graduation.”She didn’t deliberately raise her daughter to love skiing,” Gu said.When Gu Was 3 years old, Gu Yan went to work as a part-time ski instructor at the North Star Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, because she liked skiing.She takes Gu With her every time. She skates on her own and sends Gu to the ski school in the ski resort with other children.Nowadays, parents attach great importance to the cultivation of children’s interests. Children shuttle in various interest classes from an early age. It is not uncommon for a child to attend five or six interest classes at the same time.However, many children learn to learn to lose interest, and some parents in order to let the child insist, took out the 18 martial arts forced children to learn, causing parent-child relationship tension.In fact, the subtle influence from parents is the gesture that gradually opens the child to fall in love with the world.In an interview, Gu said: “I like to play since I was a child, but it is better to teach by example than by precept.”She also joked that if she liked golf, Gu might love golf.It is worth mentioning that Gu’s mother did not give up her career for her daughter. She is a superhuman mother who takes care of both her career and her baby.GuAiLing, said my grandmother and my mother is the most “worship” of women, their “very confident, very brave, very powerful,” said so much, just simple summarize ~ family education is the process of the parents accompany with children growing up, in the process, give the child a encourage more respect, more, more than a company, let each child sends out a the most dazzling light.As Gu says and does, if you care too much about the result, the result will not come.If you focus on the process, the results will come eventually!