According to tradition, don’t forget to “eat three dishes, do three things, avoid three things”, the beginning of the year should pay attention to

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According to tradition, don’t forget to “eat three dishes, do three things, avoid three things”, the beginning of the year should pay attention to.Tomorrow, the 4th day of the 2nd lunar month, is the start of Spring, the first of China’s 24 solar terms.According to the “seventy-two hou set solution” records: “Spring, the first month festival;Li, jianshi also;The qi of the five elements continues here;And the spring wood of the gas beginning to, so that the standing also;Start of summer, fall and winter are the same.”At the beginning of the New Year, everything is renewed. After the start of spring, nature is full of vitality and the weather is gradually getting warmer, but we should also avoid the attack of “reverse spring cold”.”A year’s plan lies in spring”, spring is warm, birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers;Spring is hope, all things recover;Spring is growth, till sowing.Alternately in the winter and spring, we should pay attention to the change in the weather, more should adapt to the change of temperature, protect themselves and their families, to eat some more to dry and nutritious food, to enhance their physique, therefore said, according to the traditional spring and don’t forget to “eat three vegetables, do three things, avoid is 3”, at the beginning of the year to take seriously.The first dish:The first fresh leek leek is known as “spring”, that is to say spring leek tender crisp, grow leaves after a winter of recharging, leaves hypertrophy, tastes sweet and crisp, taste the best, and leek contains a lot of cellulose, can eat more good strengthen enterogastric peristalsis, maintain defecate unobstructed, drainage of a winter exists the toxin inside body and rubbish,Therefore, Chinese leek is considered the first dish to be eaten at the beginning of Spring.Recommended recipe: Scrambled eggs with leek and dumplings with leek stuffing.The second dish, radish spring has the custom of spring “bite”, and rural most will eat turnip, because contain rich vitamin C, winter and spring alternately when eat carrots not only can qi, to dry decrease internal heat, increase resistance to prevent colds, and white radish is rich in enzyme plays a role of promoting digestion, so the coming of spring radish is one of the best health food.Recommended recipes: cold radish, raw radish and radish dumplings.”Eat sprouts in spring, melons in summer, fruits in autumn and roots in winter.” Therefore, at the beginning of spring, you should eat more sprouts, and mung bean sprouts are the best choice.The vitamin C content of bean sprouts is high, and mung bean sprouts are often eaten after the beginning of spring, which can not only enjoy delicious food but also play a role in clearing away heat and fire.What to eat: Stir-fried mung bean sprouts.The first thing: step on spring the so-called “step on spring” refers to “spring, spring or tanchun”, different local customs are different, some places through walking on stilts to step on spring, most places refers to people go out for a walk, climb a mountain, breathe the fresh air of nature, feel the breath of spring.Second thing: offering spring in many places on the day of the start of Spring there will be offering spring god, worship the land, whip spring ox, spring cake and other activities, all these activities collectively referred to as “offering spring”.It is recorded that “in the Tang Dynasty, there was the start of spring day, and the word” spring “was posted on the door to express the welcome of spring. These words or calligraphy and paintings with the word” spring “are collectively called” Yichun characters “, and this activity is also called “Post Spring”, with the purpose of welcoming the arrival of spring.As the saying goes: a day in the morning, so spring comes to go to bed early and get up early, if you stay up late will be lazy bed, this is not respect for spring;In addition, spring comes, spring returns to the earth, Yang qi rises, conform to nature do not stay up late, to go to bed early and get up early.Avoid two things: avoid the old saying: “The beginning of spring to hide the spring”, mainly to hide too old, the beginning of spring is the alternate spring and winter, magnetic field and gas field are more chaotic, many times will cause a quarrel, this will affect the air transport, so the day of the beginning of spring to hide, to avoid bickering, this is also the origin of hiding spring.Avoid three things: avoid relocation start of Spring should not move, this is because the start of spring when the gas field and magnetic field is unstable, then move will affect the air transport, the New Year will not be smooth, so said the start of spring avoid relocation.The beginning of spring, “stroke the east wind, although chilly, after all, cold light”, spring followed, but still to avoid the cold, so tomorrow the beginning of spring, mom told me: don’t forget to eat 3 dishes, do 3 things, avoid 3 things, spring is healthier.I’m Xiaofeng, love xiaofeng’s food, don’t forget to follow the foodie Feng Zi oh!This article by foodie feng Zi original, welcome to pay attention to communicate with you, let everyone benefit, three people will have my teacher yan ~