World’s oldest conjoined twins share body for 68 years but raise family

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The brothers, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, are conjoined twins who share their lower halves.Ronnie and Donnie play a game When they were born in 1951, doctors didn’t think the brothers would last a night, but these twin brothers, chained together for life, pulled off the incredible miracle of life.On October 29, 2014, when the brothers turned 63, they were recognized by Guinness as the world’s oldest conjoined twins.Ronnie and downey lying on a special bed Ronnie and downey on October 28, 1951, was born in Dayton, Ohio st Elizabeth hospital, due to the time of the medical technology co., LTD., the parents cannot pass colour to exceed know belly child growth and development status, so before the brothers were born, their parents, and didn’t expect that turned out to be twins,And the body is joined together in this way.Ronnie and Donnie and their parents and brother each have full limbs and separate stomachs, small intestines and kidneys, but they share the same set of genitalia, bladder and colon, and going to the bathroom is one and two people’s business.Ronnie and downey at the age of three Because body deformity, the brothers just was born abandoned by mother, Wesley to father and stepmother Irene stick to them all the time, carefully take care of them, in the life of two years before they were spent in the hospital, every day for the brothers crossing, although saved their lives, but the doctor told their parents,Since they share some organs, there is no guarantee that both brothers will survive an operation to separate them, and the children could be locked together for the rest of their lives.Even the simplest things in life like walking and sleeping are a huge challenge for them.They were two and a half years old when they learned to walk, and to walk in each other’s direction, because when one was moving forward, the other was moving backward.They also learned to tie their shoelaces and go to the toilet. They had to work closely with each other to do everything that was easy to do.Under the care of parents, Ronnie and downey was growing up, but because the two years of life in the hospital make home owe the huge medical expenses, and the two of them, raising a total of nine children, their parents face huge economic pressure, because the brothers special physical condition, local schools don’t receive them.Ronnie and Donnie made a living at the Carnival. His father took the two brothers, who had just turned three, to join a circus and became special acrobats, performing “freak shows.”Although these performances seem against humanity, and utilization of the disabled, looks weird people to make money very inhuman, but each big carnival in the United States in the 1960 s the “freak show” sentiment is very high, and here brought together many of the people who like they are “strange”, you will not be with strange eyes to look at them, for the brothers,This is the best place for them.Performing all over the country made them well-known actors. It also provided them with an income to support their families and paid off their huge medical bills. Not only did the brothers not become a drag on their family, but they provided for their whole family.After a combined 36 years of working in carnivals and circuses, the brothers retired to their hometown in 1991 and used their savings to buy a house.The brothers, who described themselves as each other’s best friends, never married.Although they were inseparable, Ronnie and Donnie had very different personalities, Ronnie easygoing and Donnie temperamental.Two people even have not small differences in political opinions, it can be imagined that two people with different personalities are locked together all their lives, not only physically, but also mentally face huge challenges.Share a body live for many years the brothers also naturally learn to compromise and tolerance, but occasionally will argue or fight, at the age of 14, because two people fight one of the men were injured, the doctor injected drugs into one of the men, but the man who was not injured nearly killed because of the side effects of drugs,From then on, they dare not fight each other, because if they fight each other, they will also get hurt.The twins had a serious health scare in 2009 and 2010 when conjoined twins became too weak to live independently at home when one of them became sick and moved in with their brother Jim,Jim and Jim’s wife, Mary, took care of his two older brothers.In 2014, Ronnie and Donnie, 62, became the world’s oldest conjoined twins, breaking the record previously held by Eun Chang twins from Thailand.On July 4, 2020, they died of congestive heart failure at the age of 68. Born at the same time, and dying together almost at the same time, Ronnie and Donnie’s life as conjoined twins has become something of a miracle, reaching adulthood and living to age 68.Thank you for reading, please like my story if you like it!I wish you a New Year and all the best!