Born in 1964, worked in a state-owned enterprise in 1980, with an account of 110,000 yuan. How much is your pension?

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I was born in March, 1963, and worked in a state-owned enterprise in November, 1980. I was laid off in May, 2002. After being laid off, I directly paid 60% in 8 years by myself, and the rest was 100% transaction without interruption.Average payment grade 3 (17X1+ 8×0.6 +18X1)/43=93% Date of birth, 1964.3 Working time, 1980.11 Retirement time, 2024.3 Shall be regarded as payment 17 Actual payment 26 Total number of years of payment 43 Personal account balance, 110,000 yuan, average payment file ice, 93% retirement place guangzhouComment on the fan’s low level of payment and amount, should be into the ranks of low pension.I am very happy to introduce the problem of annuities respect to everybody, the friend that needs to seek advice must understand in detail.Calculation formula of pension basic pension = average salary X(1+ contribution grade)/2X contribution period X1% personal pension = personal account balance/number of payment months (60 years old 139,50 years old 195) transitional pension = average salary X contribution grade X regarded as contribution X transition coefficient it is estimated that in 2023 guangzhou social wage 10000 basic pension =10000X(1+0.93)/2X43X1%=4150 Personal Pension =110000/139=791 Transitional pension = 10000×0.93x17x1.2 %=1897 Total =6838 Retirement pension Compared with the national average pension of 3200 yuan, it belongs to the higher pension grade.It’s ok to have a secure life.What matters is not the size of your pension, but a good mental attitude, contentment and good health.