Zibo High-tech Zone Sibaoshan Street Wanjie Road community actively mobilized residents to vaccinate

2022-06-08 0 By

Zibo, February 21 – To improve residents’ awareness and vaccination rate of the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Wanjie Road community, Sibaoshan Street, Zibo High-tech Zone, has made this work a priority in the near future and is going all out to promote vaccination.In order to ensure that residents on the basis of informed, voluntary, do “can do” new vaccine, wanjie road community orderly deployment, close propulsion, personnel reasonable division of labor, the two committees members lead to the grid with grid member MoPai, meet the conditions for the inoculation of residents, community work personnel mobilization actively new crown vaccine in time the third needle.In addition, Wanjie Road community has intensified vaccination propaganda, using LED electronic screens to broadcast propaganda slogans and hanging banners at the entrances and exits of each community to carry out extensive publicity;The community arranges specially-assigned persons to promote and mobilize businesses and resident enterprises along the street;At the party congress, the community Party secretary actively mobilized party members to take the lead in the vaccination of the third needle.”As a party member, this is what I should do. I sincerely hope that all residents who are physically allowed can get the vaccine as soon as possible. Only when we get vaccinated together can we really form an immune barrier and completely defeat the epidemic.”Community party member Mr. Sun said.The publicity activities have been actively cooperated by the community residents, and the vaccination rate of the community residents has been further improved, effectively guaranteeing the health and life safety of the residents in the area.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong media center reporter Lu Xiaoqian correspondent Zhang Yuqun Jin Shasha