The old man accidentally lost a large amount of cash xinyang Shihe police carefully help find

2022-06-08 0 By

Recently, two old men rushed to the five star police station of xinyang City public Security Bureau’s Shi He branch, and asked the police to help find the lost handbags.Through the understanding, Mr Cao, is an 62 – year – old 16 PM in the day, he and his wife in henan road NongKeSuo bus stop get on the bus, snatched a bag left on the side of the road, there is cash 8300 yuan, hospital bills and all kinds of documents, cash is the cost for the sake of his wife also (the old man will not use WeChat transfers), has yet to submit an expense account accounting hospital bills.Looking at the two elderly anxious, the police on duty immediately took the station near the surveillance video.After more than two hours of searching, the police only found that the bag picker “disappeared” near a community, but there were too many back streets and alleys nearby, so it was impossible to determine the identity and destination of the bag picker.The next morning, the police took the old man along the road to check a large number of stores along the street surveillance video, and finally found the figure of the bag picker, but because the store surveillance picture is blurred, the face is not very clear.The police will pick up the bag in the monitoring picture after taking photos, to the nearby community to visit.During the visit, the police observed a resident’s expression was not natural when talking, and analyzed that he should know the person who picked up the bag.Later, in the police patient persuasion, the resident said the photo of the woman like Zhang.When police contacted Zhang, she said she would pick up the handbag to the police station in the afternoon.When the police returned the lost property to Mr. Cao, Mr. Cao repeatedly thanked the police and gave a thumbs-up.