Qingdao 2022 Spring Breeze Action focuses on 8 actions and accumulates 100,000 jobs

2022-06-08 0 By

On February 9, Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Industry and Information Bureau, municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and shibei District government jointly held the launching ceremony of spring Breeze Action 2022 in The Flexible Labor Market of Qingdao city.Since then, nearly 2 months of spring Breeze action officially kicked off.As one of the key brands of employment service activities, Qingdao Spring Breeze Action has been carried out for 17 consecutive years.It is understood that this year’s spring breeze action to “warm spring breeze Employment send the truth “as the theme, to return home, because of the outbreak were stranded migrant workers and migrant workers out of poverty population, low-income population and underemployed college graduates from the school, and other key groups to support, and to have labor demand of choose and employ persons subject to provide employment services, kept the city’s employment situation is generally stable.During the spring Breeze action, Qingdao will focus on the goal of “caring for the post, helping the employment, supporting the employment and securing the business”.Cohesion stability duty leave “warm heart” action and resume work back “booster” action, key enterprises recruitment “booster”, the best field “freak show” migrant workers recruitment action, odd jobs market service, promoting employment “consolidate development of poverty crucial achievement” initiative, “spring and talent” action, innovation service promotion and so on eight action.As the “highlight”, this year’s “Spring Breeze Action” recruitment activities will continue until March 31, during which 188 online and offline recruitment activities will be held at the municipal level in coordination with all districts and cities.More than 1,300 companies participated in the recruitment activity, including haier, Hisense, Ocma and other well-known enterprises of the “old power”, and nestle, Danone, Panasonic electronics and other 7 “world Top 500” in Youth;There are 16 listed companies such as Guoen Technology, Hailier Pharmaceutical and Sailun Group;290 “specialty new” companies, such as Gooday, Otis Bio and Zhongte Technology, also participated actively, accounting for 22.3% of the total.The event provided 100,000 jobs with an average recruitment salary of about 5,700 yuan per month, up 5% year-on-year.Among them, financial managers, algorithm engineers, embedded software development engineers and robot engineers can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, with more than 8,700 such positions accounting for 8.7 percent of the total, up 5 percentage points from the same period last year.There were 61,000 positions with salaries of 5000-10,000 yuan per month, accounting for 60.8%, up 11.3 percentage points from the same period last year.