How to treat infected children?Shanghai Municipal Health Commission responded

2022-06-08 0 By

In today (April 4) epidemic prevention and control work at a news conference in Shanghai, the Shanghai health inspector said Wu Gan chongqing committee level, recently Shanghai WeiJianWei sends an work again, for all the designated hospitals and focus points were focus on special patients, including children, maternal, old man, such as groups, classifying them were analyzed.Wu explained that in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the requirements of prevention and control, infected people should be separated from non-infected people.In accordance with the principle of classified treatment, we have made it clear that if the parents of children are also positive, they can live in the children’s area and receive observation and treatment together.Children infected with the virus will receive treatment at public health centers if their family members do not meet the accompanying requirements and the child is younger than 7 years old.Other older children and adolescents, as well as younger children whose parents are eligible to accompany infected children, will be isolated and treated in centralized centers, and professional pediatric medical teams will be deployed to ensure that the infected children receive standardized and professional treatment and daily care.(Original title: How to treat children infected?Shanghai Municipal Health Commission responded) source: CCTV news client process editor: TF025