Double brand: clean environment To welcome the Spring Festival residents spontaneous blessing

2022-06-08 0 By

Yongzhou today – (correspondent plate navy) on January 28, to welcome the coming Spring Festival, to further consolidate the achievements of civilization health city create, improve environmental health, beautify their homes, double card county bureau of education staff to the water city, zijin low-rent housing community responsibility, to carry out the “blanket” environmental health, a big clean-upTrim flower beds, scrub psoriasis, clean up garbage, decorate billboards, etc., to create a beautiful, clean, peaceful festival environment for the residents of the community.Yongshui Huacheng, Zijin low-rent housing district is the county education bureau’s cultural chuangwei responsibility area, a total of 602 households, next to the “double brand broken bridge” network red card, an endless stream of residents.County education bureau detailed work measures, increase the responsibility of the area remediation efforts, do a good job of civilized persuasion, civilized health publicity activities, launched community residents together to maintain, maintain environmental health, the concept of civilized health deeply rooted in the people.”The road surface is clean, the garbage is gone, the green belt is beautiful, the psoriasis advertisement is gone, and the old appearance of the Yongshui Huacheng living district is new.”Seeing a civilized, clean and clean environment, resident He Zhixian is delighted with the changes in recent years.He said that he will continue to lead the community residents with practical actions to cooperate with the responsible units, for creating culture, creating a good living environment.Civilization in action, drip by drip.The environment at home has changed greatly, and the majority of residents are beneficiaries.In recent years, the Shuangpai County Party Committee and the county government have led the people of the county to carry out the work of creating culture and health, and are committed to building the most beautiful waterfront county. The people’s happiness, sense of gain and satisfaction have been further improved.