Bad person: Ji such as snow crazy confession Li Xingyun, Hou Qing really institute of divination, sister to determine the hook

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Introduction: “painting of the river’s lake of bad people” animation interpretation, Ji Snow crazy confession Li Xingyun, Hou Qing really learn to divination, a sister to determine the hook.Weiyang “painting of the river’s lake of bad people” animation fifth season fifth set revealed a lot of information, first of all is then the fourth set of the key plot, Ba also to kill Ji Ruxue failed, but their side of the entire army was destroyed, the fifth set also explained ba is dead, and is a deadly, death is very miserable!This shows how strong the strength of his hands, in fact, we have guessed that the elder sister is for sure, and guess that she is one of the four great ancestor, but has not been sure.But basic can determine the big sister in the fifth episode is one of the four major resin progenitor, there is no one else, are the big sister’s hand, but judging from the reaction of she woke up, she should be a dual personality, and mingzong of later tang and Li Cunli when speculated that the murderer, they concluded that for the people, the killer is again according to the big sister for her brother, her brother is obviously Hou Qing,Or the other ancestors are all her younger brothers, so it can be concluded that Sister is also one of the four ancestors.LuoXiaoBei previously asked her brother looks like, there are two description obviously means the Hou Qing, ju ba and welding, and the fifth episode, she like snow and big sister suffered, strictly speaking, is the poor man’s control, sister learned the bad person is “thread doll”, suddenly want to win, he claimed that her brother will like, and introduced in the third quarter, the residual resin skid exuviate down hill,What appeared was a marionette pattern, which made it clear that ah Fei was still the sister of Hou Qing, Welding ba and Fallchen.Said to Hou Qing, this episode also appears the news about him, her as snow and sister took LuoXiaoBei encountered in the process of fleeing himself, and I was instructed his master to come to meet her as snow, they not only himself, bliss also received orders waiting for them to arrive, and LuoXiaoBei cure a broken leg, the master himself and bliss is Hou Qing,It is clear that Hou Qing sent them to help ji such as snow they, but how did he know Luo Xiaobei will be injured in the leg, and they will pass here?That are going to have to mention in the fourth quarter Li Chunfeng, Li Chunfeng divination, Hou Qing feel very handsome, so he decided to go to the word, so he didn’t tell xing-yun li them back to the central plains, when he sent himself and came to help her as snow them, and know their status and move ahead of time, obviously Hou Qing really learned to divination, and has returned to the central plains,But he did not appear and Ji Ruxue they meet, I am afraid is also calculated to the elder sister in it, really looking forward to the sisters meet the scene!LuoXiaoBei leg after being connected, finally is to trust to her as snow, but he doesn’t trust xing-yun li, after all in the eyes of the poor people killed xing-yun li is bad handsome and help the scourge of mingzong of later tang livelihood of villain, ji as snow trying to make LuoXiaoBei know xing-yun li, but he didn’t fall for it, after all the bad handsome in the eyes of all the bad man is perfect,But Hiji did not expect him to understand, she knows what kind of person Li Xingyun is on the line.Ji snow in front of Luo Xiaobei crazy confession of Li Nebula, make Luo Xiaobei very uncomfortable, on the one hand is his hatred of Li Nebula, on the other hand is his love for ji Ruxue!In fact, Luo Xiaobei is obviously a good feeling for ji such as snow, in that ji such as snow so care about Li Nebula will be so uncomfortable, hate and jealousy at the same time, so he did not want to find Li Nebula to treat his leg, but ji such as snow heart only Li Nebula one!Material from the network, such as assault delete!This article is here, the above are my personal views, do not like spray!If you like Weiyang, you can click on the top right corner to follow me. Your praise and support is the biggest encouragement for me.This article is created by “Man weiyang”, found plagiarism will protect their rights, just in the end, if you need to reprint please indicate the source oh ~