No repentance!Only one China

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The conflict between China and Lithuania has existed for a long time. As one of the causes of the conflict, Lithuania has not reflected on its wrongdoings, but tried to unite with other countries to establish an anti-China camp.When the foreign minister visited Australia, he tried to engage in “anti-China cooperation” with Australia, but the proposal was not accepted.At the same time, the Australian side has publicly stated that its government firmly supports the One-China principle.The conflict between the two countries is due to the sovereignty issue, and the Australian side made this statement to avoid someone taking this issue into play.Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Landzberges visited Australia on February 9.In the course of the visit, the former to draw the meaning is very obvious, but Australia’s foreign minister Mary did not fall into the trap set by the cube.She made two statements at the joint press conference. The first statement was that the Australian side has no plan to change the name of the Office of the Taiwan authorities in Australia.In other words, Australia does not want to provoke China in the same way as Lithuania did.Second, Australia adheres to the One-China principle.Commentators pointed out that Australia’s statement shows that it has a deep understanding of the conflict between the two neutral countries.Although the relationship between China and Australia remains uncertain, Australia is not prepared to test China’s limits on sovereignty.The idea of an anti-China coalition was dashed.Lithuania’s accusations against China are not consistent with the facts.Lithuania accuses China of economic repression and slurs that the human rights of Chinese citizens are not adequately protected.But in fact, all of China’s actions are in accordance with WTO rules and there is no so-called economic coercion.In addition, human rights cover a lot of things. The Chinese government has been working hard to protect the human rights of the Chinese people.Besides, Lithuania itself has many human rights issues left over from history. In this respect, Lithuania has no right and qualification to criticize China.To sum up, the conflict between the two neutral countries itself is caused by improper behavior of the Cube, and there is nothing to blame for China’s behavior.The huge economic losses suffered by Cube were the price paid by its government for its misbehaviour.Recently, China decided to suspend the import declaration of Lithuanian beef.The economic income of cube is a part less.In response to the discontent, the government says it has been helping companies find new opportunities.However, whether an enterprise can gain a firm foothold in the new market depends on its own efforts.Lithuania wants to join forces mainly because it cannot compete with China on its own.For Australia and other countries, opposing China in order to help Lithuania is obviously an uneconomical “deal”, because China can bring much more benefits than Lithuania.Part of the news reference source: China Taiwan network