How to prevent injury in ice sports?Each of these points is important!

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing.This “ice and snow feast” fully shows the charm of ice and snow sports and ignites the enthusiasm of the public to participate in ice and snow sports.Nowadays, ice and snow sports have become a new trend, a new fashion, into the ordinary life of the Chinese people.Yang Kang, a resident physician in the sports medicine department of the First Bethune Hospital of Jilin University, reminds fans of the high risk of injury due to falls and collisions.While enjoying the happiness brought by sports, we should learn to protect ourselves and actively prevent injury in ice and snow sports.”Knee injuries are the most common sports injuries in ice and snow sports.”Yang Kang doctor introduces, skiing height, speed and direction of repeated sharp change, knee joint in certain flexion range repeated flexion, twist, accordingly, cause knee joint meniscus and ligament injury easily.”Snow and ice athletes tend to subconsciously stretch out their hands when they fall, which is when the risk of upper limb injury is highest.Injuries are concentrated in the wrist and shoulder joints, scaphoid fractures and forearm fractures are particularly common, soft tissue contusions, rotator cuff injuries and clavicular fractures are also possible.”Dr. Yang Kang said.Dr. Yang Kang said that ice and snow sports need the body to keep bending posture for a long time, so that the lumbar back muscle is in a state of long-term pulling or some kind of unbalanced position, easy to lead to local soft tissue fatigue of the waist, spasm ischemia, edema, adhesion, etc., thus causing waist pain.Some exercisers lack of core strength, and it is easy to cause acute injury of waist muscles when doing some extreme movements.In addition, ankle injury is also one of the common injuries in ice and snow sports.If ankle joint injury is not handled in time or improperly, it will lead to ligament relaxation and ankle joint instability, which will seriously affect daily life and work.To avoid ice and snow sports injuries, Dr. Yang Kang suggested that people should do a good job of warming up before exercise, choose appropriate sports equipment, and wear helmets, goggles and other protective equipment correctly.Before sports should be familiar with the terrain of the site, site safety preparation, etc.”If you are injured while exercising, call for help immediately, with simple first aid, and then seek medical attention as soon as possible.”Dr. Yang Kang reminds that if there is a slight contusion, local braking and elevation of the affected limb are needed;If the contusion has caused limited movement, ice should be applied immediately to control swelling and bleeding of soft tissue.If joint dislocation occurs, the injured joint should be fixed before transport;If there is a fracture do not move the injured at will, should be fixed and then handling.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: