Dama’s World went viral when the elderly were digitalized

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, a video platform humorous short drama “Dama’s World”, triggered a hot discussion on the Internet.The focus of the play is on the new group.The rich old age life of the two old ladies after retirement in the community shows the new old age group. A series of interesting things happened in the developed Internet have been well watched and played on the Internet.Compared with many movies and TV shows, we have long stereotyped and portrayed the elderly.This drama is different, so that many post-90s and post-00s, as if watching the drama at the same time, feel their own old age.And this show, at the end of every episode, there’s a warning, which is the end of the episode.”Be careful of fraud”, “heaven will not fall pie” and other warnings, it is to cater to the current, to prevent the fight against network telecom fraud trend.The play is full of network sense, some network catchwords are also quoted.Let the young people who watch this show, call it close to life.”Happy ending”, “bad end” and other words appear, also mobilize many, follow the trend of young audiences to watch.The blind box craze, advertisements inserted in videos, mobile phone software monitoring, abnormal rice circle culture, etc., which are often hotly discussed on the Internet, also run through the drama.At present, while promoting intelligent services, we should adapt to the needs of the elderly.Intelligence should never be a barrier to the daily life of today’s elderly.At present, the number of aging in China is huge, while the rapid development of digitalization, the intersection of the two, will inevitably appear docking problems.Digital technology should not only serve the younger generation, but also understand the problems of the elderly. Only by being more humane and inclusive, can the gap be reduced.In “The World of Dama”, a group of retired dama take the initiative to embrace the wisdom of the moment, which is worthy of praise from netizens. They are learning to adapt and keep pace with The Times, which is also a breakthrough and improvement of concept.At present, many young people lack digital feedback, and communication with the elderly at home is even less.This is very unfavorable for the old to contact new things. With more patience and guidance, the rapid development of any technology will not leave these old people behind.Family aside, the scene in which the main character, an elderly man, is trapped in his room by a smart lock in a self-service convenience store is also impressive.Bid farewell to the tedious operation process, should also be the problem we should pay attention to.Many apps, registered members accumulate points to do tasks, this series for young people, are regarded as a headache operation, how to let the network is not particularly familiar with, or just touch the door to the elderly to accept?So, together, the gap between today’s new elderly and the digital world will gradually disappear.Entertainment gossip daily ridicule, attention gourd brother not lost.